Nacho Palau, open to a reconciliation with Miguel Bosé after his holidays in Mallorca: “It was something very nice”

Last July, Miguel Bose He enjoyed a few days off with his children Thaddeus y Diego At mallorca. His ex also joined his vacation Nacho Palau and the biological children of the latter, Yvo y Telmo, as we have exclusively.

The relationship between the singer and the Valencian sculptor has improved remarkably since Palau was diagnosed with lung cancer. Bosé reacted immediately, declaring that Nacho would always have his help.

This new state of harmony between the two, after their legal battles in court for child custody, has made the former participant of survivors open the door, even, to a romantic reconciliation. It should be noted that they were together 26 years before putting an end to their love story.

The reunion has been phenomenalgetting the family together is always good, for the children seeing us together has been wonderful, another thing is how it stays later, but yes, it was something very nice. when we meet again we gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheekduring these holidays we have remembered very beautiful moments, especially moments that we lived together with the children”, Palau declared in The last night this Friday.

“You can never say I won’t drink this water,” he has said about giving himself a second chance. “With the issue of the disease there has been a rapprochement, when you see that you can go to the other neighborhood the way of thinking changes, the separation was too hard. The children asked me if we were going to be together again and I answered that for now things are going quietly”, he added, leaving the door open.

The children of Nacho Palau and Miguel Bosé

Diego and Tadeo, Bosé’s biological children, were born in 2011 by surrogacy. Seven months later, by the same method, Ivo and Telmo, Nacho’s biological children, were born. From then until the artist moved to Mexico, the children lived together like brothers.

However, after the lawsuit for support and custody that Nacho filed against Bosé, a court ruled that the minors were not siblings. The Supreme Court established that the affective ties are not enough to recognize the paternity of the two over the four minors, clarifying that for this they should have adopted.