“My wife and children have been without a husband and without a father”

TO Imanol
Sheriff Winning the Cup has not changed him “at all”. At least, “as a coach and as a person”. It will remain the same that captivates locals and strangers with a natural character. The one who convinces the people by being a public agent who behaves as it comes from his soul. He has realized, yes, that “making history with your club is the greatest thing there is.”

The Real coach brings out his most intimate, human side, parallel to football, in an interview with the Onda Cero program 'El Transistor'. At the press conference immediately after winning the Cup In Seville, the Gipuzkoan defined himself as “unbearable” for his family before the final. The nuances of that synthesis are edifying. “My wife and children have been without a husband and without a father, that's what I meant.”

Dedication of Imanol the position he holds is full. “I go early to Zubieta and I don't come back until night ”. When he gets home, he continues to set an example: “I'm at home with a mask and I even try not to have dinner with them because they have a social life,” reveals the Real coach. Precautions against the background of the alarm state mark their passage. “I think you have to set an example, be consistent and responsible.”

In Orio it is a heroism to see Imanol down the street. As he confesses, he has encircled his social life. “I have not even gone out to have a pintxo, just to take four walks to the mountains, go to cut my hair and pour gasoline,” says Alguacil. “I have not stepped in a bar” since the pandemic changed the life of civilization.

“I cried when the Real lost”

The picture of Imanol
Sheriff tearing his voice and heart as soon as he conquered the Cup at a press conference has been recorded for eternity. “There was a lot of contained emotion and I wanted to pay tribute to the fans,” he reflects. By then, the community that makes up the Royal Society in its entire being already knew how the coach feels about the shield he defends.

In “a town that lives more rowing than football” like Orio, he says Imanol, “I have always suffered a lot with the Real”. He remembers that “I was a boy who went into the dark room to listen to the Real games on the radio.” The result was tattooed on his state of mind: “He cried when he lost and was so happy when he won.”

The Cup champion refuels for the immediate challenge: qualify for Europe. With Imanol
Sheriff, there is no doubt that the Real will leave the skin. At home they know better than anyone. “My wife accepts how I am because she has known me since I was a player. There will be time for celebrations when the season ends ”.