“My renewal is going according to plan”

Quique Sanchez Florescoach of Getafeassured this Friday at a press conference that his renewal “is going according to plan” after achieving the “crucial” objective of salvation.

Freed from the tension after signing the permanence one day before the end, the coach of the azulón club can now think about his future. Negotiations have already begun with Getafe and, surely, next week Quique’s continuity will be announced. “My renewal is going according to plan after achieving the crucial objective that was salvation,” he stressed.

Now, the main objective of Quique Sánchez Flores will be to beat Elche on the last matchday in order to climb positions and try to equal the thirteenth place of the 2004-05 season in which the Azulón coach made his debut on a bench with his current club

“It would be falling into the same position as 18 years ago, when it all started. It would be fantastic after everything that has happened. They are very different seasons. Back then we were new. I had no experience. We lived it as a party from minute one The Coliseum filled up every game and we didn’t have any trouble,” he said.

“This year has been different. A lot of desire, positive tension, difficult moments… They have been different seasons. Along the way, the club has grown and we have room to have a season in which we can enjoy along the way,” he added. .

Likewise, he wished that his players, after spending a tough campaign, “let go” in the last game against Elche to leave behind 28 games with extreme situations, pressure “and no margin for error.” “That makes the players contract and give less than they can give on a collective level, not in terms of ambition and physicality. The way they unfold is different. Let’s see if we make a game without things that could negatively affect their attitude”. he indicated it.

Learning throughout the day

Asked what positive things he would get out of the season, he stressed that for him it has been a “positive” course because of the “learning” he has achieved throughout the days. “We had never walked down these paths so dark and with so many obstacles. We have never had to seduce a group to take it to a different place. It has served us to test ourselves, to know where our peace, ambition and balance lay. It’s been a wonderful journey,” he said.

He also highlighted the importance of having been strong at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, although he made it clear that Getafe has a pending issue far from their stadium. “We have only won one game away from home, but we have scored a lot. We have not been the worst away. But if we think about the future, we have to think of a team that does not distinguish between playing away from home or inside,” he stressed.

In addition, he spoke about the equality of the championship and stated that LaLiga achieved the objective of shortening the distances between teams so that everything was more competitive. “If that is a goal for LaLiga, it has to be proud. It has made every game hell and that has made things clear on the penultimate and last day”, he stressed.

“The teams are put together very well, there is a high level in the league among the coaches. When one is inside, one realizes that the level has risen. And as for the final of the ‘Champions’, what are we going to say , we go with our teams that represent Spain. Always. Hopefully Real Madrid will be European champions,” he said.

Moments of illusion, tension and positivism

Finally, he referred to the moments of the season that he will always remember: “For me they are all the images. It is a movie. Any detail of what I have experienced remains a movie in my mind. Many moments of pressure, some moment of illusion, of regaining energy, positivism. When these last games tied and the permanence was spinning point by point and it was complex and it was done with caution, “he explained.

“The terms were average and we knew it. They have been excellent moments and it has to do with the detachment of the players and the coaching staff. Doing it well and the best we can. That has been key. That and having a club management like the that I have had: Friendly, familiar, it is a pleasure to greet, hug and goes from the first to the last of the components of this club”, he concluded.

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