My caaaaasa: Rubiales loses help for his home, salary, official car, cell phone and computer

90 days for Luis Rubiales. It is the suspension that FIFA has imposed on him for his unpresentable behavior in the Sydney stadium when he kissed Jenni Hermoso on the mouth at the time of the medal ceremony. This suspension, which is provisional, has fine print. That is to say, the one who was president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation will stop receiving his salary: namely, 371,000 euros for his position in the RFEF, plus 250,000, for his work in UEFA. In addition to losing other bicocas, as published by El Mundo.

The RFEF will save the 3,000 euros in rental aid that Rubiales receives, an item that had generated a lot of commotion because the manager lives in Madrid. He will not be able to use the official car, which also has a driver. You will not have your mobile phone or computer at your disposal either. All this salary in kind It has been suspended since last Friday the 25th. It should be noted that those 90 days could become 15 years. Daily Mail publishes that FIFA is going to press for Rubiales to be disqualified during this period. A sanction, which they call exemplary and which is unprecedented in the history of football.

In addition, the National Court Prosecutor’s Office has opened proceedings against Luis Rubiales for a possible crime of sexual assault. The prosecutor’s office offers the player Jenni Hermoso the possibility of denouncing the Spanish soccer leader for this alleged crime after the soccer player clarified that the kiss on the mouth that Rubiales gave her at the delivery of the World Cup in Sydney was not consented .