“My body fades in your mouth”: the post that Genoveva Casanova deleted in the middle of Hurricane Federico

Genoveva Casanova He has been in the spotlight since his photographs with the crown prince of Denmark walking through Madrid came to light. While she remains sheltered from the storm, her ex Cayetano Martínez de Irujo has removed a photograph from 2021 from her Instagram profile, where the model posed very smiling in a palace with a very significant message.

Just as the magazine has rescued Weekthe ex of the Count of Salvatierra published: “Why do I love you? You ask me. And if I try to define it in words, would it be anything close to those nights of sweat and hunger, to the anguish of your absence, to the knife that passes through me in every kiss? Can I somehow make you touch all the emptiness into which I throw myself every time I look into your eyes? Or explain how my body fades and dissolves in your mouth and in your breath? Why? “What do I love you? I love you because without you there is no love.”

Despite this movement on social networks, the Mexican remains far from the media spotlight and has lost track of her. After the scandal, Genoveva took refuge in the Arbaizena palace, property of the father of her children, the twins Luis and Amina. Later, after being discovered by the paparazzi, she flew to London. Currently, her whereabouts are unknown, but it is expected that she will spend Christmas in Donosti.

In the famous photographs, the Danish heir and the Mexican appeared walking through Madrid. They took a walk through El Retiro, shared a table and tablecloth at the Corral de la Morería and spent a night at the house of Michavila’s ex, located in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the capital. In Informalia We already anticipated that the son of Queen Margaret and heir to the Danish throne came to Madrid to cut his ‘friendship’ relationship with her.