Murthy’s voice describes the mediocrity of Lim’s Valencia

The audio of Anil Murthy what is spreading Superdeporte since Sunday night they give voice to the mediocrity of Lim’s project and also reveal symptoms of detachment from the work of José Bordalás. In the first batch of sounds made public by the Valencian newspaper, the president made it clear to the diners with whom he was meeting, that the Valencia fans can say goodbye to Carlos Solersurely also José Luis Gayàwho if he renews with the one that is coming is to make him a monument, and of course Guedes, although he does not name the Portuguese, because Murthy draws a scenario with apocalyptic overtones in which “we are going to cut the team, there is no other option”. In truth, nothing that was not reported, although with the plus of hearing it from the president.

Such a confession by Murthy occurs in a context of apparent friendship, at a meal with five businessmen organized by the club on April 27 to attract attendees to a solidarity event to be held in Mestalla on June 2. But who he told is the least of it, Murthy’s internal problem and his people is who betrayed him by recording the conversation without his authorization and leaking it. What is relevant for Valencia fans is who, what and also how they say it.

Shield/Flag Valencia

Murthy, despite the fact that Valencia will be out of Europe for the third consecutive year, instead of showing signs of wanting to change something, of announcing investment to reverse the team’s trajectory, what makes it clear is that that footballer with ambitions has the door openpreviously leaving money in the box -with the addition of threatening to subsidize campaigns to discredit him if he tried to leave for free-, in order to go to another club that meets his expectations, because if he stays at Valencia… forget to aspire to nothing.

The president speaks of an economic “hole” that prevents having a workforce of “more than 70 million”, with an exit deficit of “50 million” and the need to find 100 million “cash”. But he does it as if it were an inheritance received from beyond and not the product of Lim’s own management, of his decisions that have weakened the team’s competitiveness and this has translated into a notable reduction in the club’s turnover.

“This comes from overspending for many years”, listing signings of footballers who arrived at Valencia in the Singaporean era (Negredo, Abdenour, Guedes, Maxi Gómez and Cillessen), complaining about having a staff cost of “165 million ” without taking into account that this business philosophy was what led Valencia to qualify for the Champions League for two years and reach a Europa League semifinal and a Copa del Rey title and without including in the equation of competitive collapse the decision to do without of Mateu Alemany and Marcelino García Toral, architects of those sporting milestones that translated into increased income from competitions and sponsorships.

Valencia in the 2018/19 season, the last one before Lim dispensed with Alemany and Marcelino, had some income from competitions of 66 million euros, increase from 11 to 14 in revenue from subscribers and box office, from 65 to 78 in television rights and from 20 to 26 in sponsors and the sale of official products. These figures, pandemic through, although also with a workforce weakened by sales and without European competition to play (in five of Lim’s eight years, Valencia has been outside Europe), income from competitions was reduced to 2 million on 20/21 and advertising and commercials up to 18 million. Valencia lives on a percentage higher than 70% of its budget from television rights, which in the next revision will be reduced by the classification in the last three campaigns: 9th, 13th and, to date, 11th.

Murthy’s reflections on Bordalás’ performance

Valencia has been probing coaches for weeks, something that is not surprising in light of Murthy’s opinion on Bordalás’ work

Murthy’s words also predict a Valencia without Bordalás. He does not say it openly, although he gives arguments that lead one to think that the performance of the team with the coach from Alicante is far from what was expected. In the audios, Murthy is heard saying that “we bet on him (Bordalás)”, that is why “we did not sell anyone (in the summer, in reference to Guedes and/or Maxi Gómez” and “players he wanted” were signed.

The assessments about the coach that are heard in the audios were produced a few days after the final in Seville, that is, they were made before Bordalás said what he has been saying lately in the press room, Therefore, in the assessment that is heard from Murthy, the coach’s statements do not influence but what the team transmits to the president, which leaves phrases such as: “We played against Betis (the final) and we entered with the mentality that we are not so good and that Betis is better”, “Bordalás did not want to move the market without signing Marcos André, a player who was worth 4 and who went up to 9” or “I told him, my friendthere is a difference between being eighth and 13”. Valencia fell to 11th position after the last day after adding their eighth consecutive without winning.

Valencia has been probing coaches for weeks, something that is not surprising in light of Murthy’s opinion on Bordalás. Even in the audios there is evidence of a reflection that the president would have made to Captain Gayà a priori: My friend, I know you’re sad… but Quique Sánchez Flores wants to come back”. This phrase to Gayà comes to reflect that the president feels that the figure of Bordalás is also worn out among the players, which is why he tries to motivate them by announcing a replacement.

Valencia, one week before the season officially ends, has not yet ruled on the continuity of Bordalás, a coach who has one more year on his contract, although the document contains a term and a penalty of around 700,000 euros so that either party can disassociate himself. Bordalás will speak on Friday, his two press conferences remain, and Murthy’s audios, which still have others to come out, will be in the questions.

Mobilizations for the last match in Mestalla

Murthy’s audios come to light in a context in which new protest mobilizations against Lim’s management for next weekend, coinciding with Valencia’s last match at the Mestalla. The LibertadVCF platform has been proposing since last Friday, when it held its Annual Meeting, that the black and white fans give up their seats in said meeting, in which the team no longer has anything at stake, seeking the impact of an image of Mestalla with the empty stands while the team plays, turning their backs not on the players but on the managers.