Murthy wants to prosecute the issue of the new stadium: “We are going to take the Generalitat to trial”

The newspaper Superdeporte has unveiled new audios in which Anil Murthypresident of Valencia, reveals his intentions regarding the resumption of the works of the new Valencia stadium. He announces that he is going to prosecute the case and is going to sue the Generalitat. “In the end then I am going to speak to tell what is happening before the meeting on Monday, I am going to have problems, I prefer to go, tell me what they want, always with a smile: ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you…’ . Then with Germán Cabrera: ‘bang’, we are going to take the Generalitat to trial“, he assures.

On the other hand, he tells the position of each political party in this case: “They want to stop it. Why? I have my ideas, I give you my opinion. After 13 years tomorrow we can put the cranes because we have 80 million to start. Compromís wants to support, PSOE wants to stop, PP is to the side a little, it depends on whether we start supporting, if it is stopped, that they stop. We have 80 million to start the works“.

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In addition, he adds that “the stadium has been there for a long time. I’m not selling players to do this. If we sell to players it is to buy others. A Great Wall of China between the field and the football. The field has to be something viable. The idea was to sell Mestalla and take that money to start construction, but I have spoken with many funds and the big problem they have is the legal insecurity with the City Council and the ATE. If we want to do this project, give me an extension of the ATE, I’ll sell Mestalla and the next two days I’ll start with the cranes. Everything is fixed and I start with football. I need guarantees, the IVF… CVC is a very large fund, I don’t know why they have to make a due diligence”.

Likewise, Anil Murthy, in another of the published audios, reveals that the price that Valencia will pay for the Benicalap sports center will be 5.7 million plus VAT. “We are going to give the sports center away, it is in the original plan. We pay 5.7 plus VAT. They want a sports center of 9 million. Give them I pay 5.7“, assures the president of Valencia. And he unveiled part of the meeting in the stadium: “They put more traps. The meeting was: we have all this, what do you want more? They tell me nonsense. That they want to change seats. I was going to give a press conference to explain it because the project is a crazy job. After 13 years, if it’s that easy… But here we are, about to start. Now they set traps“.