Munir and Bruno are back

If it were not for the fact that the Champions League is at stake, the headline, the bulk of this chronicle and the three pikes should be for Bruno, one of the stars of our football who has returned to the field of play three years after injuries slowed him down. His entry in the 88th minute was the icing on the game to a level, with two teams that boast templates and have returned from the hiatus like two rockets headed for glory. Anyone could win and none did. Football. Sevilla, again third, comes out more satisfied with the appointment for having beaten Atlético in the table, but Villarreal, far from having wasted a bullet to dream of plans he did not have, should remember that not many months ago the most daring They were cheering on the permanence.

Villarreal and Sevilla appeared with six changes each in their teams. Calleja dared to make his eleven black leg coincide on the field. This game was marked in red on the calendar. In the original and in the tighter of the post-confinement. Lopetegui, meanwhile, took the step with the intention of disguising the accumulated fatigue after neutralizing Barcelona. In principle, the plan seemed to go better for Sevilla, more agile in the exit of the ball clinging to Banega, a midfielder with eyes at the nape of the neck and with numerous rear-view mirrors to control blind spots, and on the back of two sides just as happy as Navas and Reguilón. However, the Submarine, without needing to command as usual or be loose, found the goal with the ease that so many times resisted him in winter. In 18 ’Alcácer put his team in advantage after a new Gerard diagonal, one that everyone knows and very few slow down, and that followed with a shy header from Anguissa and a rejection from Vaclik that Paco did not miss. The striker is happy to a touch. The good, if it is brief, twice good.

Villarreal Shield / Flag

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of June 22, 2020

Villarreal then seemed to shake off the high pressure of En-Nesyri and company and began to find Chukwueze, which is how he is most comfortable. He was happy while gasoline lasted for the Nigerian. The solidity of Albiol and Pau Torres gave him wings. Until Escudero took a whip from the left corner of the area that did not give Asenjo time to get his hands out on his engagement flight. Neither Villarreal nor Sevilla dominated, so the tie left both happy and unhappy both on the way to rest. But the new normality has also brought football full of news. Now the discount is an eternity. At the fourth minute of the extension, Cazorla bounced a corner kick measured from the right that found Pau Torres's head. The central defender put his team in advantage, and colored his marker.

In the second half Sevilla pressed really hard. Aware that Villarreal stood at two points in the table, he drew strength from weakness and moved the bench in search of hope. Lopetegui hit three rebounds in one go and the strategy couldn't have worked better. Sevilla had another vigor, Navas and Ocampos made a groove in their band and Munir gave the attack all the sense he longed for. When the Barça youth squad threatened to be Bojan, he has resurfaced on time and with personality. In the 59 ', Jordán had the tie to the captain's center, but between Asenjo and the referee they thwarted the opportunity. Only a few minutes later, Navas returned to put a candy in the area and this time Munir spliced ​​volley with as much violence as marksmanship. Asenjo lazily stretched out again without stretching his arms again. If he was transparent in both goals, in a heads-up with De Jong, who headed in his beards, it was decisive.

Seville Shield / Flag

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of June 22, 2020

The tie seemed not to fuel debates at that time and seemed to put everyone in agreement when in the end, as much as Sevilla insisted on overwhelming their rival without too much clarity. At that time, he showed more integrity, at the same time as Villarreal, between ailments, fatigue and touch-ups of slate, he ended up losing the compass and, who knows, if the options of being on a podium from which this great Seville does not descend. With the final whistle and 2-2 there was only one winner to hug: welcome Bruno.


Munir (45 ', Marcos Lopes), Jesus Navas (45 ', Sergi Gómez), Lucas Ocampos (45 ', Suso), Moi Gomez (56 ', Cazorla), Franco Vazquez (61 ', Joan Jordán), Javi Ontiveros (71 ', Samuel Chukwueze), Asparagus (71 ', Gerard Moreno), Luuk de Jong (80 ', Youssef En-Nesyri), Bruno (87 ', Alcácer), Bacca (87 ', Iborra)


1-0, 17 ': Alcacer, 1-1, 38 ': Squire, 2-1, 48 ': Pau Francisco Torres, 2-2, 62 ': Munir


Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez
VAR Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande
Sergi Gomez (26 ', Yellow) Alberto Moreno (26 ', Yellow) Fernando (47 ', Yellow) Lucas Ocampos (67 ', Yellow) Asparagus (72 ', Yellow) Bruno (92 ', Yellow