Mount skips quarantine to play a game

Mason Mount, at 21 years old, has been another of the young people who is suffering from isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the United Kingdom it has not been decreed for the entire population but Mount, after the positive by Covid-19 of his partner Hudson-Odoi, is obliged to remain in his home in quarantine in case he had been infected.

The young man decided to ignore it and went to play 'una pachanga' (five against five) with the West Ham player and former blue academy, Declan Rice, as reported by Daily Mirror. Both players went to a facility with artificial grass pitches of small dimensions located in Trent Park, a park of up to 320 hectares in the north part of London, this Sunday at noon.

It was a man with his 14-year-old son, who went to train at the same facilities, who decided to notify the newspaper and even take a photograph. “I took my 14-year-old son to train, we saw a car that seemed kind of ridiculous and we wanted to see who was there. Three or four people went down and my son recognized Mason Mount, who was the driver. They were playing a five for five and they both wore a panty to cover their faces, I don't know whether to protect themselves or not to be recognized, “he assured the Daily Mirror.

Chelsea Coat of Arms / Flag

This same newspaper affirms that Chelsea has limited itself to reminding Mount of its obligations while West Ham assured that Rice was “not doing anything wrong”.

UK takes another route to fight virus

The UK executive has decided to take different measures than other countries to combat Covid-19. On the islands, the first minister, Boris Johnson, decided that exceptional measures would not be taken to isolate the population and allow the virus to spread to generate an alleged 'group immunity'. Up to 229 scientists from British universities have already signed a letter sent to the government to stop a measure they estimate “it endangers more lives than necessary.”