Moreno: “All the accounts we make go through winning Levante”

Vicente Moreno, Mallorca coach, said this Wednesday that “all accounts” that his team does to avoid relegation “they go through to beat Levante”, a rival “very rich technical, tactical and physical in every way. “

“We need to win to have more options (of permanence), and for this we have to try to do our best possible match and give the highest level; we also need luck and circumstances to fall on our side against a great team,” he said. Moreno at the press conference prior to the visit this Thursday from the azulgranas to Visit Mallorca Estadi.

The Valencian coach pointed out that “hopefully” his players will repeat the great match they played two days ago in Palma after the conclusive 5-1 win over Celta, although he admitted that “no two games are the same.”

“We are on the decline, like against Celta, and we have the same need or more, if possible, to win because there are fewer days left. Hopefully something similar will come out, but it would not be normal, let alone scoring five goals against a very demanding opponent like Levante, “he stressed.

Moreno flatly rejected that Levante visit Palma without the obligation to add the three points at stake: “There is no team that does not play anything, despite the fact that Levante already fulfilled its goal of permanence several days ago. It is true that he has done his homework and that he has the assured category, but the party is going to fight it because it has personal and group objectives to fulfill “.

“I don't know if all that makes him more or less dangerous, you never know, but we have a lot at stake and we need to win,” he said.

The Mallorcan coach praised Levante and his coach, Paco López: “Levante has been doing things very well for many years, even going through the Second Division. That in the end has a prize, and if you add to that he has a great coach, whom I also have a lot of appreciation, along with the quality of his players makes the mix very good. “

(Paco López) is already the coach with the most games in the history of Levante in First Division and he will continue, for sure, to break records in Levante because he is the ideal person to be in that project, “said Moreno.

Likewise, refused to criticize the VAR. “We have not complained throughout the year and we are not going to do it now,” he said, calling it “coherent” criticism from the Cádiz coach, Álvaro Cervera, to the current competition model. “This is crazy, this is not soccer,” he said.

“Personally I don't know Álvaro very much, but what he says seems very coherent to me. He is quite clear in what he thinks and he is not without reason in what he says. I have also said that the competition is adulterated in quotes, because nothing is the same as the last game we played in Eibar (before the interruption of LaLiga). But we are already in trouble and there is little to say, “he emphasized. Vicente Moreno.