More than half of gamers trust AI to take their gaming experience to the next level


54 percent of gamers trust Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elevate their gaming experience to the next level, according to the study by the e-commerce store PcComponentes ‘IV Radiography of Gaming in Spain’ that analyzes trends and the influence of video games on society.

More than half of gaming fans in Spain believe that AI will continue to improve the graphics of video games, while 41 percent anticipate a generalization of the use of Augmented Reality in the coming years.

AI has been part of the sector since the birth of video games in the 1950s. However, its recent rise is redefining the gaming experience for Spanish players.

Personalization in real time based on the player’s behavior and preferences (60%), adapting the narrative according to actions and decisions (57%) or adjusting the difficulty level to the player’s skills (55%) are highly valued aspects among the gaming community.

On the other hand, Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology that promises to play a key role in the world of gaming by offering more immersive and realistic gaming experiences, elevating this leisure formula to the next level.

Although seven out of ten ‘gamers are familiar with these technologies and their potential to enrich their games, they have not yet had the opportunity to fully experience them.

“Thanks to the four editions of our X-ray of Gaming in Spain, we have been able to confirm that gaming is a social phenomenon in constant evolution. In the same way that the pandemic promoted video games as a form of entertainment, their generalization has positioned them as a real professional opportunity for young people in our country, this edition shows how the latest technologies are positively influencing the sector and sheds light on the real perception that gamers have of AI, AR and VR,” he said Alicia Vicente, Brand&Communications Manager at PcComponentes.


Video games continue to gain ground as the preferred entertainment option for Spaniards. In fact, data from the latest ‘Radiography of Gaming in Spain’ by PcComponentes reveals that playing video games is now above social networks and watching series and/or movies as the preferred alternative for Spaniards to enjoy their time. free, and only behind instant messaging applications.

In this sense, it is also worth highlighting the fact that gaming has given rise to the birth of different related entertainment formats. 91 percent of Spaniards consume some type of entertainment related to video games, where the most notable are series or movies based on playable titles (49%), specialized streaming or podcasts (32%) and board games (23% ).

Furthermore, video games have transcended into new facets in the lives of their players, playing an important role as a catalyst for relationships for Spanish gamers. This transformation dispels the old perception of the video game player as someone socially isolated. In fact, 33% of those surveyed claim to have improved their relationships with family and friends thanks to sharing this hobby.


The data from the latest PcComponentes x-ray reflects a female revolution in video games, since the number of women who are fans of video games has grown significantly, particularly among Gen Z, whose representation has increased by 35% in just one year .

On the other hand, the influence of gaming in today’s society is also evident by the professional focus of the new generations. The technology expert e-commerce study highlights that the video game industry (34%) is positioned as the labor sector in which Spanish society would like to work, even above more traditional professions such as athletes (22%), scientific disciplines or technical (architecture, 21%) or social sciences (law, 18%).

“The evolution that gaming has experienced in recent years has been driven, among other reasons, by the change in the player profile, where women are gaining more and more presence. In addition, the video game industry has had such an impact on society which is already seen as a professional opportunity for the future,” explained Alicia Vicente.


Regarding consumption habits, they have remained relatively stable from one year to the next. The online channel continues to be the preferred option for 66% of Spanish gamers, consolidating itself as more than just a place to purchase gaming equipment.

By devices, consoles (56%) and computers (51%) continue to be the platforms preferred by users to play, surpassing smartphones and tablets (34%). Likewise, investment in gaming and the frequency of renewal have not experienced significant changes, since 59% of fans renew their gaming equipment every two years at most, and 25% do so annually.

Regarding investment, 85% plan to spend up to 500 euros on products related to this hobby next year.