More evidence and a mysterious companion: a new twist in the case of Daniel Sancho

Twenty-four hours after the Thai police announced the closure of the investigation into the murder of Edwin Arrieta and request the death penalty for daniel sancho, the Spanish chef has been questioned again. The causes of this surprising fact, which the Spanish lawyer did not want to reveal at the prison gates, have been made public this afternoon: the police have new evidence that could turn the case around.

According to deskthose in charge of the investigation have received the declaration of several witnesses who place Daniel Sancho together with a mysterious companion both before and after the arrival of the Colombian surgeon on the island. There would be graphic evidence of their meetings thanks to the security cameras of several places where they met.

The information was unknown until now, since only the company of two tourists whom Daniel met on the morning of Edwin’s murder and with whom he had lunch at a nearby restaurant had been disclosed. The waiters confirmed that he had returned in the afternoon with one of them, the same one who accompanied him to report Arrieta’s disappearance. “He had a cut on his finger and it was bleeding, I asked him and he told me that he had done it trying to open a coconut,” said the girl.

The presence of an individual who accompanied Daniel moments before and after the crime would support the theory that the Spanish defense of Sancho has maintained all these days: “He did not do it alone.” According to the expert Carmen Balfagón, there are many gaps in the investigation and data that would have put them on alert: “They tell us that there is a man on the island who looks a lot like Daniel.” Some experts also ensure that the images collected by the security cameras in the supermarket where Rodolfo Sancho’s son bought the knives and other belongings do not correspond to his physiognomy: “Daniel has a very marked bald spot on his forehead and there is no no trace of her in the pictures.”