Monumental anger of Don Juan Carlos after the latest information: “I ask for respect for the truth and the honor of all those affected”

The media tsunami generated by the alleged affiliation between the emeritus and a well-known aristocrat named Alejandra has exhausted the patience of Don Juan Carlos. If this Thursday he denied the information with a brief but emphatic statement (“I have no daughter”) this Friday he has expanded, showing that his good nature has given way to considerable anger: “I am forced to deny this information again out of respect for the truth and the honor of all the people affected.”

In the statement that the father of the King Felipe VI has provided to Agencia EFE, adds: “I absolutely deny having had any love affair with Mrs. Rosario Palacios (RIP) and consequently having had a daughter with her. I reject and I condemn as false everything that has been published in relation to this fabricated matter”.

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The information, which came to light this Thursday, pointed out that Don Juan Carlos would have had an extramarital relationship with the Countess of Montarco and that his daughter, Alejandra de Rojas, would be the result of it, the emeritus being her biological father. Informalia contacted the family who, although they denied the king’s paternity, did confirm that there was a relationship between him and the countess. “It is true that Charo Palacios had the king as one of his lovers and that he even boasted about it on occasions. In the family we all knew that Juan Carlos and Charo saw each other sometimes. But Alejandra is not his daughter.”