Mom, take me on a trip, I can’t stand it here: Íñigo Onieva opens the album of his flight to Istanbul

While Tamara Falco she has drowned her sorrows and prayed, as a faithful devotee, for her future in Lourdes, Inigo Onieva He has gone on a trip with mom to Istanbul. The ex of the Marchioness of Griñón has reappeared on social networks after the storm unleashed.

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The businessman of the night returned to Instagram late this Sunday to witness his followers of his journey through Turkey. “The Mamma”, Carolina Molas, was his companion during this trip. They visited the most emblematic places of the Turkish city and also enjoyed their kebabs and their teas.

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After the end of his engagement to Isabel Preysler’s daughter, Istanbul has been a breath of fresh air for him. Just as he longed for, he has managed to go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle. In Spain, after the media interest generated by his breakup, it is impossible.

His family also ‘paid the piper’ for his kiss with another woman in Florida, since while he took refuge from media pressure at a friend’s house in La Finca, his family faced uncomfortable questions from the press. He finally reappeared in public and expressed his regret before the cameras, asking Tamara and her family for forgiveness again.