Mollejo says goodbye to Deportivo: “This city is going to rise”

Víctor Mollejo has closed his stage at Deportivo this Wednesday, who may still have to face Fuenlabrada in the suspended game of the last day of LaLiga SmartBank, and has encouraged a city and a team that have dropped to Segunda B while waiting for what is determined in the dispatches.

“The hardest moment came for me. It is the day to say goodbye to a club and a hobby that have made me feel at home. I wanted to thank Deportivo for allowing me to meet a large, passionate, unique club, in short, a First class club, “he published on his social networks.

In his message, he remembered the fans with whom he had this season, the descent of a team that has been in professional football for 40 years. “I wanted to thank all the fans, thank you sportsmen at heart for all the love you have given me during the yearI really felt very dear to you and that is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a footballer, “he said.

Sports Shield / Flag

To Dépor and A Coruña, the player on loan from Atlético de Madrid sent them a message of encouragement. “This city is going to get up and push the club in the face of adversity as it always did to return it to its own place., and there I will be pushing like a coruñés and more sportsman, “he said.