Modric's secret

Modric (Zadar, 35 years old) is one of those footballers who is always up front, and a few days ago he showed it: “I want to publicly thank coach Dalic for allowing me to stay in Madrid to do the preseason with the club. For a player my age it is extremely important to do a good one preseason, because if you don't already spend the whole year out of rhythm “. Thus, with transparency, said it in a meeting with journalists. But it is only the tip of the iceberg, because behind Luka's great level there is a secret in the form of preparation measured to the millimeter.


His match in Villarreal (against Levante) was close to outstanding, with a passing accuracy close to 89% (48 in total) and 16 dribbles completed. This high level is due to two fundamental factors. The first, his head. He feels young and admits it: “I know I have an age, but I feel good and as long as it is like that I want to continue Madrid“It does not cross his mind or say goodbye to the white club or the national team.

Coat of Arms / Flag Croatia

The second factor is physical. He has changed his way of life and his training to walk with lead in the face of injuries and squeeze your capabilities. So much so, that in September, as he recognized, asked not to go with Croatia to be able to stay in Madrid and do the preseason with the team. Up to that point he wants to demand everything, to endure the season well. Said and done.

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A careful diet, a good rest and the mentality of a kid in each training session are the path that Modric has taken to recover his best football. And it's working for you. Of the last 13 games, only one was left without playing (the last day of last season, against Leganés). He has started in three of the four league games and in the other, he came out at half-time to revolutionize the comeback against Betis. Heading to goal, yes, he has not scored since January 8, 2020, in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup against Valencia. It is not its function, but it could be the cherry to its current state.