Modric relives the terror of war: “Sirens were heard and we ran to the shelter”

Luka Modric has written an autobiographical book in which he confesses his moments during the Croatian War of Independence that took place between 1991 and 1995, his bad temper when he lost and his admiration for Italian football, especially his love for Milan, just as pick up La Gazzetta dello Sport. He plans to retire at Real Madrid and become a coach.


Her grandfather was killed in the war: “I had a very strong bond with my grandfather. He took me hunting with him and acted as his assistant while leading the cattle to the pasture. He made me feel special. He was six years old and at that age it was very difficult to understand that I would never see him again” .

Child's war: “At 7-8 years old, trauma is experienced differently. As a child, fear is not … so terrifying. I lived at the Kolovare hotel with the family and there were many of my companions. We played ball or we would hide in the hotel, until the sirens were heard. At that moment, you knew what to do: run to the shelter. There, surely, we would play again. “

Domagoj Basic: “Basic has been my favorite coach. During adolescence, he was our guide. Those who wanted to stay on the team had to read books. Domagoj taught us to work hard. He taught us to deal with injustices.”

Boban and Milan: “Boban was an idol of mine and Dad, when I was a boy, bought me a red and black suit. I imagined the footballer from Milan but he was different. And when you arrive at Real it is difficult to think of going elsewhere. If things had not happened It went well in Madrid, I would have seen the Serie A well. But, honestly, Madrid has always been the priority. “

His nickname: “I feel like a normal person, who loves humility and modesty. I am persistent, stubborn. The teammates at Real Madrid call me 'vinegar', because when I lose in training I take it badly.”

Play in Milan: “I feel sorry for Milan. Real Milan are not in Italy and Europe. I have a WhatsApp group with the Croats and I always feel with Brozovic, with Badelj, with Pasalic …”.

Favorite players in Italy: “I have always liked style players. Totti, Del Piero, Pirlo … Now there are young people who promise a lot, especially Zaniolo, pure talent. Sensi is also very interesting, and I like Insigne, Papu Gomez, Ribéry and Bennacer “

Benatia's penalty: “I only said that it had been a penalty for me. Lucas Vázquez was pushed when he kicked from a few steps. What sense would it have had to simulate? Then I experienced similar situations and understand who he is protesting, but there should be no difference between a penalty in 30 ' and one in '95. However, I wish Buffon the best: he is a great player. “

He criticizes Cristiano in his book for not going to the gala of the Best awards: “Talking about the player seems trivial to me: he is one of the greatest in history. We lost Real's goals and character at Real: Cristiano always wants to win, he motivated us and made us react. As a person, he is 10 years old and praise, he has a big heart, he is always ready to help those in need. “

Winner of the Champions League and Series A: “In the Champions League I see PSG well, even if they do not play until August. It is easy to say Barcelona and Bayern. You have to be careful with Atlético de Madrid and, of course, among the favorites will be the one that passes between Manchester City and Real Madrid. Of Serie A, Juve looks favorite, although for the competition it might be good if Lazio or Inter win. “

Retire at Madrid and become a coach: “I am sure I can play at a high level for two more years, then we will see. I would like to finish my career at Real Madrid, but it will also depend on the club. Of course, I will do the coach course. For us, the team National is a feeling superior to football, both as a player and as a coach I would be honored to be there. “

Protagonists and soccer in the future: “Mbappé has it all, but I think that to make the leap in quality he needs to go to a championship where his team does not win so easily. I also see great potential in Vinicius and I like De Bruyne and Sterling. As for football, the road it's about speed. Running speed, thinking, deciding. At a high level, you can only play like that. “