MMA fans talk about Conor McGregor’s claims that he will fight Michael Chandler as a middleweight when he comes back to the UFC.

When Conor McGregor comes back to the UFC upon June 29, he has said he’s confident he will meet Michael Chandler.

There was a lot of discussion concerning McGregor vs. Chandler on Saturday night, which was International Fight Week. He agreed to the fight upon social media early Monday morning.

The Sun says he laughed threateningly and said the fight was slated beginning at 185 pounds, meaning the heaviest weight either of them has ever fought.

A red wine glass in his hand, he stated “Ladies and gentlemen, a happy new year to every single one of you.”

When Conor McGregor said he would be getting back in the cage for International meet Week, most people thought he would meet Michael Chandler.

The group McGregor believes the fight is imminent, on the reverse hand, was caught off guard.

It was announced on Sunday that McGregor will fight Chandler again, but this time at 185 pounds. Neither fighter has ever fought at that weight.

Mostly, McGregor got his name by fighting during featherweight or lightweight weights. He also fought three times at welterweight.

Chandler has fought for a long time at his weight class. The UFC hasn’t said anything about it in public yet.

“I’d like to officially say that I will be back on June 29, 2018, at Las Vegas to cover International Fight Week.” “This is going to be the best comeback ever,” he said.

Bring yourself up to speed. That person is named Michael Chandler.” “Mr. Chandler, the weight has 185 pounds.”

We were all shocked when we heard that Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler were going to fight upon June 29, 2024, to Las Vegas.

He hurt his leg in the match via Dustin Poirier that took place in July 2021 and hasn’t been ready to fight since.

He said he thought it was the “greatest turnaround of all time.” The Irish fighter was renowned for making big claims.

During his fight with Conor McGregor, Michael Chandler got very excited once he heard that news. As a skilled fighter, Beasley has fought in both the lightweight and welterweight divisions.

He agreed to fight McGregor at middleweight, which shows he is sure of oneself and wants to do it no matter what.

An interesting twist in this story comes from the fact the two athletes were teachers on the TV show The Ultimate Fighter a while back. This is what he said:

Every coach on the The Ultimate Warrior fights with every other coach a lot of the time. The fight between McGregor and Chandler had to be pushed back, though, because McGregor hadn’t been in the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s tester pool.

McGregor headed back into the pool in October to show who he was ready to fight. This fight is very important because the UFC left USADA to start its own prevention of doping program.

People who like mixed martial arts have much to say concerning Conor McGregor’s return into the UFC and his middleweight fight against Michael Chandler.

Conor McGregor is once again making a lot of people talk. He has a big attitude and plenty of fans love him.

He was sure in himself when he heard the news and declared he wanted to see Conor McGregor if he became “biggest, baddest, or best.”

Some fight fans didn’t think Chandler or Conor would do well at middleweight. Conor McGregor stayed at middleweight because some people didn’t think he could lose that much weight.

Dustin Poirier beat Carson McGregor as well as Conor McGregor in their most recent fights. People were worried about McGregor’s future in the sport after he lost to Poirier and missed time because of an injury.