Mirands – Villarreal (4-2): The Mirands returns to give the bell and play the semifinals of the Copa del Rey | Copa del Rey 2019

Mirands – Villarreal (4-2)



The burgals team, which already reached that round in 2012, has eliminated Celta, Sevilla and, this Wednesday, Villarreal

Mirands players celebrate one of Villarreal's goals.

The Mirands It is a miracle that never ceases, although it is really unfair to talk about a miracle. Because the team that leads Andoni Iraola It has been planted in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey, for the second time in its history, on its own merits and winning it on the field against some of the best First teams. Not content with having dispatched Celta and Sevilla in the previous two rounds, he did the same with the Villarreal. He needed the extension before the Galicians but he passed over the Lopetegui team, which is fighting to get into the Champions League, and was also superior to those of Calleja, one of the most shaped groups in the League at the moment. (Narration and statistics: 4-2)

The Mirands gave from the beginning the sensation of having a clearer plan than Villarreal, who never found his game against an opponent who pressed him very high and made it difficult to control the ball. Only Ontiveros manages to uproar from time to time the solid defense of Burgos with its incursions on the left, poor baggage for a Villarreal that was not reserved for anyone and that I miss Ral Albiol's veteran very much, which a cold left out.

It was no coincidence that the Mirands, which had already warned with a shot of Merquelanz that was lost near the squad minutes before Matheus leave in evidence the yellow centrals, which suffered as a toothache. The debutante fails Sofian in his attempt to cut Merquelanz's extension to the goalkeeper's Lemons and the Brazilian forward won, who felt Funes Mori with a good cut before beating Andrs Fernndez.

Mirands players celebrate the pass to the semifinals.BRAND

The goal was awarded by the superiority of a Mirands that had already collected another pair of dangerous approaches before Ontiveros equaled with a great free-kick in the only shot of the Castellon goalkeeper in the first half. The marbell hit dry, raising a ball that plummeted away from the reach of Lemons. A lot of prize for a Villarreal who did not find a way to generate danger and who did not stop accumulating losses at the exit of the ball before the effective pressure of his rival.

The tie was broken by the VAR, in the addition of the first half, to detect some hands of Quintill in the area Merquelanz transform from 11 meters, just as he did Casserole shortly after starting the second time to put the tables back on the marker. In this case they were hands of Odei, in which there was no need for any type of revision, which allowed a Villarreal to be matched again, which, without mastering clearly, seemed more intoned, although Ontiveros was still the most active in attack.

New risks

The central Mirands redeemed the penalty again overtaking his own, taking advantage of another rude error of the yellow defense, which allowed him to finish only on the second post a foul hung in the area. From the exchange of blows that the party had entered, Villarreal was knocked out, who had no choice but to take risks.

Sac Lane to Alccer trusting the instinct of the Valencian striker but this time he was not the killer he used to. It was Gerard, tied shortly for most of the game by Sergio, who did not hesitate to accompany him to the opposite field if he lowered the Catalan to receive, who was closer to a third tie but his cross shot was lost touching the post.

Those of Calleja, however, were already playing desperately trying to catch some semifinals that slipped through their fingers and the Mirands took advantage of it to sentence. With the yellow set already overturned, those of Iraola took advantage of a loss at the exit of the Castellon ball to finish off, giving Merquelanz the goal to Antonio Snchez. Enloqueci Anduva, who has already secured another Cup match and dreams of breaking his roof watching his team in a final for the first time in its history.

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