Mirandés celebrates the permanence with a win over Ibiza

The Mirandés, in the absence of a day, has dismissed the season this Sunday before its fans with a win over Ibiza (4-0) that has served to celebrate the permanence achieved last week, one more year, in the second category of football Spanish.

It has, however, been a procedural match for both teams, where there has been no noticeable defensive tension and they have offered facilities to attack, although the Mirandeses have been more successful in front of goal.

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Rodrigo Riquelme rose as the helm of the team and scored two beautiful goals in the first half to demonstrate the quality that the player has on loan from Atlético de Madrid, while the islanders took the game as a mere formality, also to give minutes to the less common.

The visitors enjoyed two good chances at the start of the match, but soon Joseba Etxeberría’s team wanted to dominate with Rodrigo Riquelme as the protagonist.

First it was a shot from outside the area that entered the top corner to surprise Parreño and then with a shot at will that entered just touching the post.

Before the second goal, Camello was able to score, but he missed the one-on-one against the Balearic goalkeeper.

Mirandés was also much superior in the second half. Camello was able to score the third and just a few minutes later it was Víctor Meseguer, after a pass from Riquelme, who surprised the Ibiza goalkeeper to put more distance.

Paco Jémez’s men were far from equaling Mirandés’ football and did not generate any danger, while the fourth of the wild boars arrived, in this case in a corner kick where Garrido made his debut, with a header, as a red scorer.

The minutes passed and Mirandés was getting more and more comfortable, while the Anduva grandstand enjoyed their team.

Those from Etxberría celebrated with this lofty victory their permanence in the silver category of Spanish football and broke the losing streak of results with four consecutive defeats.


4- Mirandés: Ramón Juan, Iago López (Odei min 68), Arroyo, Jorge Sáenz, Imanol García, Alex López (Oriol Rey min 68), Meseguer, Carreira (Aguirre min 79), Roro Riquelme, Íñigo Vicente (Garrido min 56 ), Camel (I scored min 78).

0-Ibiza: Parreño, Cifu (Davo min 55), Goldar, Rubén González, Ecobar, Diop (Gálvez min 55), Javi Lara, Christian Herrera (Álvaro Jiménez min 74), Guerrero (Cevallos min 68), Raúl Sánchez (Miki min 559, Zenitagoia.

Goals: 1-0 M.20: Riquelme. 2-0 M.33: Riquelme. 3-0 M.63: Meseguer. 4-0 M.73 Garrido

Referees: Admonished Camello (min 38), Álex López (min 47), Oriol Rey (min 80) and Garrido (min 82) for the local team; and for the visiting team Pape Diop (min 18) and Ekain (min 62).

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday number 40 of the Smartbank League held at the Anduva Municipal Stadium, in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), before 2,568 spectators.