Millie Bobby Brown talks about the “adult relationship” he has with Henry Cavill, 21 years older than her

In the midst of promoting the second part of Enola Holmeswhich premieres on Netflix this Friday, Millie Bobby Brown has spoken of his close friendship with the film’s co-star, Henry Cavilldespite their age difference. The actress is 18 years old and the actor is 39.

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“We have a real adult relationship. Like a really good, really healthy friendship. One where there are terms and conditions. For example, Henry won’t let me ask about his personal life. It’s like, ‘Millie, shut up.’ : ‘Understood'”, the young woman explains to Deadline.

In his words, it is a different type of relationship than the one he shares with his co-stars in Stranger Thingswho are his age: “With the kids it’s different. There are no limits because it’s like we’re all brothers. But Henry is very strict with me, which I appreciate.”

The truth is that Brown, who has been dating Jake, the son of Jon Bon Jovi since 2021, is no stranger to adult friendships, since she has previously talked about her relationship with the rapper Drake, 36, which started when she was just 14 and confessed that they exchanged text messages. At the 2018 Emmy Awards, she described the singer as a “wonderful” friend who she “loves.” She also stated that she had come to him for advice “about boys”.

Many fans criticized the age difference between them and questioned whether it was appropriate for Drake and Brown to communicate on such a personal level. Upon learning of the reactions, the British performer posted a letter on her Instagram in which she criticized fans for misunderstanding her “lovely friendship of hers.”