Miguel Silveira, the Brazilian jewel followed by the Premier

Miguel Silveira (16 years) still gaining attention not only in Brazil, but beyond your country. Little by little he leaves his insulting youth in an anecdote to go settling in the first Fluminense team and Premier clubs, especially Arsenal Y Tottenham, have knocked on your door. The London derby can be moved from the field to the market and the Gunners have moved fast, watching the boy play live and visiting him to meet him with his family at home.

The powerful strategy of Real Madrid in South America has caused the greats of Europe to follow in its wake. This scenario has unleashed a kind of fever to distinguish the best player of each generation: Vinicius it was that of 2000, Rodrygo that of 2001 and Reinier it was uncovered like that of 2002. Now, Miguel is pushing hard to become the one in 2003. Juni Calafat, absolute dominator of the area, must know him already…

Miguel, to whom they compare football and even physically with the Coutinho that began to emerge in Vasco da Gama, signed its first professional contract on June 6, 2019. The agreement with Fluminense arrived for the next three years, the maximum allowed by Brazilian regulations in that situation, and his clause already spoke of the evolution that is intuited: 35 million euros.

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Miguel Silveira, in a match with Brazil.

A regular in the inferiors of Brazil

The day before, June 5, had debuted with the first Fluminense teamat the premiere earlier of the history of the entity: against Cruzeiro, in the Copa do Brasil, participating in the play of the second goal. And shortly after, on July 16, he was also the youngest to do so in Brasileirao, 1-1 against Ceará. No wonder Nike joined his roster of players in 2013, with only ten years.

2019 ended it with 4 appearances with the staff of the professional and in 2020 it takes another 7, 11 in total. This year he has given three assists in 415 minutes, with an average of one every 138 minutes. In this growth until taking its place with the elders has always been called by the inferiors of Brazil, from where also he is predicted a successful future