Miguel signs up for the end

Miguel Gutiérrez’s season was virtually over but the Castillian left-back has revived it, to the delight of Raúl and more comfort for Ancelotti. Getafe has achieved shorten the planned deadlines by two weeks for the recovery of the meniscus that was intervened in London on April 1. An arthroscopic cleaning of the area from which he is about to return.

Photo by Miguel Gutierrez

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Miguel has surprised the medical services of the white club because since last weekend he has been carrying out exercises in an individualized way but with enough intensity, including hitting the ball on goal, so If he continues in this evolution, he will receive the green light next week and may be ready for the end of the Castilla course. Or Madrid, if necessary due to the demands of the script.

This is good news from the point of view, especially of Raúl, who is still looking for options to lead the Whites’ subsidiary until the promotion playoff. It is difficult for him, because Castilla is now five points behind Linares, fourth, which marks the last qualifying place, with only three games to play. As if that were not enough, there are six more teams ahead of the white kids in the standings. The first match-ball It will be this Sunday against Costa Brava, to which Miguel Gutiérrez will not yet arrive. The current progression brings him closer to being ready for the trip to Algeciras (May 22).

A hundred percent safe return

Whatever the circumstances, Madrid’s policy and the player’s own desire is not to take any risk. He will return to the desserts this season if possible, but if not the more focused goal for both parties with much more interest in the preseason. The casting for the gap left by Marcelo is still up in the air and the youth squad, rather than listen to any of the numerous proposals from outside he has, is committed to staying.