Miguel Méndez: “The fact that players fall forces us to keep up to date”


The national women’s basketball coach, Miguel Méndez, explained the difficulties of the first window of the qualifying phase for Eurobasket 2025, with casualties and little time to prepare for this Thursday’s game against Croatia and on Sunday against the Netherlands, without power think a lot about the Pre-Olympic.

“It’s a different game. It’s the first of the windows, each player comes from playing their own game, with other teammates, with another coach, other ideas, and in two or three days we have to meet again,” she said in provided statements. by the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), collected by Europa Press.

The Galician coach pointed to the absences of Cristina Ouviña and Raquel Carrera and confessed that he cannot think much about the Pre-Olympic in February, although the plan is for the team to recover mechanisms also for that important event for the Games.

“The last minute loss of Cristina and Raquel, as we are a little short on centers, will force us to take a look at the team and see what we can do. It will be a complicated game. Croatia is a team without big names, but a team with a lot of craftsmanship. Playing in their field remains to be seen how animated they can be,” he said.

Méndez hoped to take the game forward in Split, without being able to prepare the team as much as he would like. “The team is doing well, they like to play together, they know each other well, the idea is to win the game. Having players go down forces us to keep up with the day, to what is urgent, with respect for these two teams,” he said.

“Croatia and the Netherlands are the rivals of the group. And with Croatia being first and away from home, it is very important to win the game no matter what. If it can be by playing well and remembering the rules that we have in the team, thinking about the future, perfect, but the most important thing is to get the game forward,” he concluded.