Miguel Bosé talks about fatherhood, sex and pharmaceuticals without mincing words: “Let everyone chew their gum”

With the jump of his series to open television and his memoir, Captain Thunder's son, Miguel Bose It is more present than ever. After spending a few days in the capital, the singer returned to Mexico, where he lives with his children, and has given a new interview in which he talks about fatherhood, sex and pharmaceuticals without mincing words.

The artist has an answer to all the criticism he has faced throughout his career. The first, about his 'coming out': “And they tell you why did you do it or why didn't you do it before? You would have helped a lot of people… Everyone should chew their gum, because I had enough with mine. And “I don't think those things can guide or help certain people. You feel comfortable or you don't feel comfortable, and you have the right to say it or not. See when you say it, how you say it,” he said in the magazine Shanghai. “Many times I believe that many people who would have been predisposed to declare themselves earlier than they did. They did not do so because there was pressure from the community, from the collective, which was very poorly handled. “Sometimes you felt suffocated.”, adds Bosé. “To speak out shamelessly, with violence or with imposition, I believe would have done a lot of damage. People who have done it discreetly (and I do it discreetly) parallel to their normal life, naturally and with elegance “I think he has done much more than anyone else.”

“My children are my priority”

The artist has also spoken of Tadeo and Telmo, her two sons. They are 12 years old and they assure that they are very integrated into their community and their life in Mexico, so they are not considering returning to Spain: “They are my absolute priority. They have their friends, their life. When they reach the end of their studies, we will see.”

Precisely in the magazine Shanghai It was where Bosé posed with them for the first time: “I did it because I wanted to do it and I wanted it to be in a free magazine, a magazine that didn't buy exclusives and couldn't afford them. As there were many rumors that I was going to give a million-dollar exclusive for the information, I gave it to a magazine that is a friend, with which I wanted to cancel all rumors that there was money behind it,” he points out.

Against pharmaceuticals

Bosé has been one of the most visible faces of the fight against HIV and he has remembered what those first and complicated years were like: “I saw the position that society had towards the disease […]. People who had AIDS were singled out, because, incidentally, they could be called a libertine, a faggot, a drug addict,” he said.

The singer's objective was clear: “He wanted people to know what the disease was, to investigate, ask questions and get rid of their fear.” He even participated in fundraising campaigns to investigate a possible vaccine: “There was no intention to find it, as there still isn't one today. Because retrovirals and the rest of the cures maintain chronicity, which is the interesting business for pharmaceutical companies. No It is important that you are healthy, it is not important that you are dead, since they are two moments that are not profitable. They want you sick and, if possible, chronic. From that moment on, I abandoned the project because I saw that there was no intention of finding a vaccine. There isn't. It is sad but true”.

Precisely his rejection of the vaccine against Covid and his theories about the power of pharmaceutical companies has been one of the great controversies of recent years. He received fierce criticism: “All those things were raised in a totalitarian way, because It was not allowed to tell a citizen that he did not believe in the vaccine and that he was not going to get it“. Now he is convinced that anti-vaccines have 'woken up': “People realized what a big mistake. “People don't fall anymore.”