Miguel Bosé speaks without filters: “I have loved men and women. That can cause envy, but fuck them”

Mystery has surrounded Miguel Bosé since the day he took his first artistic step on stage at Florida Park in Madrid, a momentous night that allowed him to claim his role within an unconventional family.

His father, the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín. His mother, the Italian actress and model Lucía Bosé. Two erupting volcanoes. He, one of the most innovative, provocative and controversial singers. Criticism has accompanied him since that performance with which he outlined the first traces of a career that has made him a musical icon, a mass idol and a star with a life that is as popular as it is hermetic.

The story of Miguel Bosé is National Heritage, although he has never told it in the first person, possibly to maintain that mystery that he has also taken advantage of to project a diffuse, controversial and fascinating figure. He does it for the first time in the documentary bosé reborn that Movistar Plus+ opens on Tuesday, September 5. Four chapters signed by Shine, the production company led by Macarena Rey, a friend of Bosé since childhood, who was also in charge of making the authorized series bose (SkyShowtime) starring José Pastor and Iván Sánchez.

Sex, drugs and Covid

“Giving information about your life helps to heal,” says the artist in a documentary that has become a “therapy exercise” to recall his public and intimate life. “I have had the capacity to love men and women. That can cause a lot of envy, but fuck them,” he says, recalling his conquests -Giannina Facio, Nacho Duato or Ursula Andress- with both sexes. “When I was saturated with one thing, I went to the other. It’s a privilege,” he adds.

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His relationship with his family, his overwhelming musical success, the hoax in the press about his death from AIDS – “They declared war on me” – or the gap with drugs in his “wild age” complete the story. “Except the heroin, I’ve tried everything,” she says. “And sex, of all colors and shapes.” In the last chapter, she talks about her children and the process after her breakup with Nacho Palau. Also of her controversial position before the Covid. “You can say you don’t believe in God, but you can say you don’t believe in the vaccine. Send eggs.”

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