Miguel Bosé, robbed at his home while he was with his children: eight hooded men with guns

Eight hooded individuals would have assaulted the house of Miguel Bosé in Mexico City, while the singer was with his children in the house. publishes it The Herald of Mexico, which reports that the robbery occurred last Friday, August 18. The assailants took jewelry, money and some items of sentimental value for the family with their loot.

The robbery occurred in the afternoon. The thieves stole, among other things, a van. The Mexican press points out that the thieves have followed a methodology that consists of breaking into the house when they are sure that the owners are inside. The aforementioned newspaper does not mention that the actor and singer has filed a complaint. It has been the journalist and YouTuber Gustavo Adolfo Infante who has reported this assault. In addition, he has given more details, such as that the interpreter was having a cup of tea when the events occurred.

This assault has a component of violence in which the robbers seek to intimidate and intimidate the victims. They pursue the theft not only of valuables, but also to provide them with passwords and security codes in the event that there is a safe in the house. The goal is to empty the house in record time.