Miguel Bosé reveals who his first love was: they have a relationship and she is the godmother of one of his children

With the jump of his series to open television, the private life of Luis Miguel González Bosé (Panama City, April 3, 1956), better known as Miguel Bose, has returned to the media focus.

After the broadcast of one of the chapters, the broadcast of the program arrived Bosé’s night, and his interview with Joaquín Prat, in which he revealed some hitherto unknown unknowns. Lucía Bosé’s son revealed who her first love was: Bárbara Blasco, a childhood friend who stole his heart when they were no more than five years old. Without being able to help but smile, he was full of praise for her: “A girl who was beautiful, who today is still a beautiful woman, with very, very long hair. And we were four or five years old, we held hands and said that “We were dating. And I looked at her and looked at her exhausted,” he acknowledged to the presenter.

Bosé said that despite her young age he was able to see in her how intelligent, cultured and friendly she was, qualities for which he wanted to keep her in his life after so many years. On set, Paola Dominguín He commented that Bárbara and her brother met because their parents were friends and wanted there to be a good relationship between the little ones. And emphasizing the good relationship they have today, she added that the singer chose her first love to be godmother of one of her children.

Another important person in Miguel’s life, Andrea Bronston, She commented on how she herself had shared class with the protagonist of this story. They both went to Santa María del Camino School together, unlike the singer, who studied at the French Lyceum. She also witnessed how their relationship has maintained over time and assured that they still have “a wonderful relationship.”