Miguel Bosé does not sit down with Pablo Motos: the reason why he canceled his interview in ‘El Hormiguero’ hours before

Paul Motorcycles started the new television season of the anthill this Monday, September 4 with his second and long-awaited interview with Isabel Pantoja. This Tuesday the brothers Mario y Oscar Casas They sat on their set and this Wednesday it was the turn of Miguel Bose. However, the singer has been unsubscribed in the last few hours.

Bosé will not attend the Antena 3 program due to health problems, as he has said Vertele. The artist was going to promote his documentary, bosé reborn (Movistar Plus+). This Tuesday, on the other hand, he was at the Vitoria Festval.

The presentation of the documentary at the Basque television festival was not without controversy due to its outbursts with various journalists, as we gathered. In addition, he canceled the scheduled interviews and only spoke at a press conference before all the media called.

carlos latrecollaborator of the Motos space, will be the substitute for the singer of bandit lover on this Wednesday night.

Miguel Bosé’s health problems

It must be remembered that the interpreter of brunette He underwent surgery in October 2022 for a severe herniated disc, which already led him to cancel the promotion of his book in Spain Secret history of my best songs. The artist has also had serious problems with his voice, until he lost it completely for months.

The catharsis of Miguel Bose

bosé reborn It is a true review of the life of an artist with an exciting career. “This documentary is the icing on the cake. Of all the projects -books, the series- this is the one I feel closest to,” he commented at an event held at the Vitoria FesTVal. “It is the last installment of the truths, although there is a future for many more. To be reborn you have to get rid of everything that weighs. And that means solving, being at peace. “It has been an exercise in brutal catharsis, as happens with the psychologists”.