Miguel Bosé denounces the robbery he suffered in Mexico before the Prosecutor’s Office: why a week later?

Miguel Bose has filed a formal complaint with the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office for the assault he suffered last Friday at his home located in the Mexican capital.

The Prosecutor’s Office has indicated that “with the information received”, which has become part of the folder started at the beginning of the week, it has ordered police intervention to interview other possible witnesses and analyze the images from the video surveillance cameras.

It has also given the ‘green light’ to expert criminalistics personnel to gather evidence at the address where the events occurred, as can be read in a statement.

The singer has explained that the theft occurred on the night of August 18, when several armed individuals broke into his home, in what he considered, as he recounted through his social networks, a “very studied and meticulous” assault when his children were inside the house.

However, the Mexican Justice, at the time of the opening of the investigation, invited Bosé to present a “formal complaint” for the criminal act, since days after the incident, “neither the victim and/or his legal representative, nor the administration of the residential complex (…) have presented themselves to this Prosecutor’s Office to denounce the crime”.

Why didn’t Miguel Bosé denounce?

One of the great unknowns until now was why Miguel Bosé had not reported the events to the police. as reported, the house was supposedly not his, but that of a woman wanted by Interpol. This is Inés Gómez Mont, a well-known Mexican presenter who is in search and capture for being considered the ringleader of a network of embezzlement and money laundering.

However, other experts such as international security specialist José Félix Ramajo indicated that his attitude was due to “fear.” “It is very common in robberies of specialized gangs of this type, that they threaten the victims to return home and harm him or his family if they report it,” he explained in This is life.

an unpleasant episode

The interpreter himself bandit lover He recounted how the events were in a statement: “On Friday night, a commando of ten armed individuals broke into my home. They assaulted us, tied up my children, the house staff and me for more than two hours. They took everything, car included, everything very studied and meticulous. To make it short, we are all fine. My children behaved like two brave men. Admirable”.

“It was all very tense, delicate and unpleasant. This is the only version you should attend to. Things are being said that are not true. Thank you all for the support and constant concern shown, but rest assured. To my urbanization neighbors , the first to arrive, a thousand thanks from the bottom of my heart. To those who speculate so much, I am sorry to disappoint you: here I am and here I will stay, to face whatever, in the most hospitable country on the planet, “he added.