Miguel Bernardeau speaks for the first time about his breakup with Aitana: “It made me go down to hell”

Since their breakup came to light at the end of 2022, when they were immersed in promoting the series The last, Aitana Ocaña y Miguel Bernardeau They have remained silent about the reasons that led them to cut. The singer revealed a few weeks ago that the actor, whom she was dating for four years, was her “first love.” Words that came after ending her brief romance with Sebastian Yatra, to whom now only “a friendship” unites him. For his part, Bernardeau has been linked to Greta Fernandez y Ester Expositobut, instead of talking about them, he has spoken about his ex-girlfriend and what it meant for him to separate from her.

The artist tells in an interview with Esquire who, after breaking up with the Catalan woman, traveled to the Mauritius Islands to find himself and fulfill a dream: to see whales and sperm whales. He was trying to “escape” from “a very hard time” and, to his surprise, things did not turn out as he thought, although he did find some answers. “It was one of the most trips… It was very sad. Extremely sad”Explain.

Ana Duato's son set out to go down 40 meters deep so he could have “a unique moment with a whale”, but the only thing he felt was “incredible fear”: “I remember going down to about 25 meters deep and the daughter was left of the whale and I alone, she was moving. I looked into one of her eyes, she looked at me and the look was panic. I came out of the water crying. There you learn, and I already know that this has been said a lot, that you are less important than you think. And that this is not yours. What are you doing here?”.

The protagonist of Elite y Zorro He spent an hour “crying his eyes out.” “Apart from the whale, those days I went down very hard many times, to feel the adrenaline, and at one point, our guide, who was a very nice guy, told me: 'I don't know why you're doing this but it's not for the right reason.' And that broke me. It all came together for me. And I understood. I'm not here for the whale or for any of this, I'm here for something else. “I didn't come to enter, I came to leave,” he adds in his conversation with the magazine, since media exposure, at that time, had been difficult for him.

“I was escaping a moment in my life when I was rediscovering myself after a very public breakup,” points out. And he adds: “I think that is what made me go down to hell, so to speak. And yes, it is true, from then on I have fallen in love with my profession in a very beautiful way because it is what has helped me recover. the illusion”.

The actor has been called “cold and arrogant”, even more so after the notorious breakup, but he clarifies that his appearance “is only a shield”: “It is proactively hiding insecurities. Preferring that no one see certain things about how I really am even if they think I am that way. It is not a choice either, It's just that I become a serious person when I'm ashamed, when I'm insecure, when I'm bad…”

These statements come after Aitana granted an extensive interview with GQ. “If there is something that I have realized, and it is going to happen in 2024, it is that I no longer care what is said about me. I don't care how many boyfriends they give me, Let everyone think what they want, I can't justify myself all the time,” said the former triumph.