Miguel Ángel Silvestre’s life in the forest: relaxed, with “very minimal services” and aiming for “self-sufficiency”

Far from what some may think, Miguel Ángel Silvestre He is not a city man. Although, due to his work, he has to be present at events, filming and other commitments, the actor from Castellón takes refuge in the middle of a forest.

The 41-year-old interpreter lives surrounded by nature, with “very minimal services” and relies on what he grows at home. “I am self-sufficient in many things,” he explained in an interview with The worldbringing to light a side of him that was unknown to the general public.

Silvestre considers that nature has a much greater force than life in the city and the pace of life understood as standard. “Nature is much more abrupt, a wild boar is much more abrupt than all that,” he said.

The artist assures that this lifestyle defines him very well, because it complies with the values ​​with which he grew up before rising to fame. He likes to live calmly and connected with his surroundings: “It’s just who I am. I am a Valencian gardener, I always have been and I always will be.”

The interpreter compiles on his Instagram profile, where he has more than four million followers, some publications in which he is seen enjoying nature. An example of this is a post where he appears bathing in the natural spa of Montanejos, known as Font dels Banys.

On more than one occasion the actor has boasted about his roots and, specifically, the landscapes of the province of Castellón, which has towns such as Fanzara or Villafamés.