Miguel Ángel Rodríguez buys a mansion in Cantabria that Ayuso and her boyfriend have already visited

Miguel Angel Rodriguez They have looked for a place of respite to get away from the noise of Madrid and to do so they have acquired a ancestral mansion in a Cantabrian town in the municipality of Piélagos. The house that Miguel Ángel Rodríguez bought dates back four centuries, it is in a discreet and secluded enclave.

The chief of staff of Isabel Diaz Ayuso has found refuge in Boo, belonging to the municipality of Piélagos, which includes 12 towns, 7 beaches and 26,000 inhabitants, and is barely 19 kilometers from Santander.

A neighbor of Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s Chief of Staff tells us that the house of the former Government Spokesperson and Secretary of State of José María Aznar “is an ancestral mansion with 20 rooms that is crowned with a shield on the façade.”

Real estate sources explain to Informalia that the price of the mansion can exceed one million euros and among locals the presence this summer of Isabel Díaz Ayuso with her boyfriend, Alberto González, a divorced healthcare worker with three children, has been discussed.

More comments aroused the presence of José Luis Martínez-Almeida and his girlfriend Teresa Urquijo. The mayor of Madrid and the granddaughter of Teresa de Borbón (and cousin of Don Juan Carlos) generate expectations due to the news that came with knowing that the mayor has found love at 48 years old, and due to the age difference with Teresa Urquijo, a one of the most distinguished breeders of purebred Arabian horses, graduated in Law and Business Administration from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas and, employed as an investment analyst in a real estate asset acquisition and management company.

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez is the director of the cabinet of the president of the CAM an annual salary of 93,855 euros, In addition, allowances worth around 10,000 euros per year.

According to the declaration of assets presented to the Community of Madrid, ‘MAR’ accumulated assets of almost 6 million euros until July 29, consisting of four properties owned (two of them in Madrid, which are around 400,000 euros each). ), another three in co-ownership, an industrial warehouse in Toledo valued at 1 million euros or more than 100,000 euros in liquid money that he keeps in La Caixa and Santander.

Ayuso’s Chief of Staff has a stake in a SL valued at 3 million euros, 400,0000 euros in investment funds and securities portfolio, five vehicles (among which stands out a Lexus RX 300, which he acquired in 2014 for 75,000 euros) , a pension plan of more than 160,000 euros and not a single cent of debt.

His assets are explained because after the end of his first stage in politics in Aznar’s first term, he moved to the private sector, much more lucrative in his case. José María Aznar left MAR when he had been at La Moncloa for just 2 years after a 15-year professional relationship. As Government Spokesperson and Secretary of State for Communication, he was accused of threatening the editor of Grupo Zeta, Antonio Asensio (who died in 2001), with putting him in jail if he did not sell Antena 3 to Telefónica.

It was the same Telefónica that bought Antena 3 and that authorized million-dollar purchases of programs from the production company that set up ‘MAR’ when it was invited to leave politics, Splenders Ibérica.

Later, the Valladolid native would join the Boards of Directors and launch an online television with a residual audience, Nuevatelevisión.es, which received 600,000 euros of advertising from Canal de Isabel II during the time of Esperanza Aguirre at the head of the Community of Madrid.

In his new stage in politics with Ayuso, MAR was at the center of the controversy of the scandal that ended Pablo Casado’s political career. On February 18, 2022, Rajoy’s successor dug his political grave with these statements: “The question is whether it is understandable that on April 1, 2020, when 700 people died in Spain, you can contract with your sister and receive 286,000 euros of profit for selling masks. I think it is not exemplary. I would not allow a brother of mine to charge 300,000 euros for a contract awarded by my Government Council,” said Feijóo’s predecessor in an interview with Carlos Herrera.

In reality, the issue had surfaced due to an alleged leak from ‘MAR’ itself, which gave a master class in political communication after several months angry because Casado used the matter against his boss.

Ayuso’s right hand

‘MAR’ remains Ayuso’s right-hand man in communication matters and now the Madrid president’s chief of staff will have to manage, if confirmed, with the presence in the house of Big Brother Vip (which premieres this Thursday ) from an ex-boyfriend Ayuso, the stylist, hairdresser and salesman Jairo Alonso. However, Mediaset sources warn that his participation has not been confirmed.

From those around ‘MAR’ they assure us that at 58 years old he lives a calmer life than before. In 2012 she suffered a heart attack that forced her to give up the three packs of tobacco she smoked and the long, well-paired after-dinner meals.

The journalist was arrested in 2013 for quadrupling the level of alcohol at the wheel after causing an accident with three parked vehicles. The Municipal Police said that he had given a result of 0.99 grams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air, when the maximum legal level allowed is 0.25 grams. The second test, seeing is believing, reached 1.02 grams. ‘MAR’ was also sentenced to pay 30,000 to Dr. Luis Montes for calling him a “Nazi.”

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Bajón, (b. Valladolid; January 21, 1964), is a Spanish communication consultant, publicist, businessman, and writer. He is married and has two children. His first political position was as a collaborator of José María Aznar as spokesperson for the Junta de Castilla y León and later as Director of Communication of the Popular Party. In 1996, with Aznar as President of the Government, he was appointed Secretary of State for Communication, a position from which he served as de facto spokesperson for the Government.