Michelle Jenner secretly lived her most bitter summer: her breakup with the father of her child

Due to the secrecy with which she maintains her private life, the actress Paco’s men She has managed to keep her breakup with her son’s father from spreading until now. Michelle Jennerwho turned 37 on September 14, broke up with the dog trainer Javier Garcia before the summer holidays, which they spent each on their own.

This is what the magazine previews Hola. The interpreter and the trainer have broken up after more than ten years of relationship and a common child, the little one Hugo, which is now four years old. However, it is still not clear if this is a definitive breakup or if they have decided to take some time to fix things.

Professionally, the actress is awaiting the premiere of Berlinhe spin-off of The Money Heist with the emblematic character of Pedro Alonso as the protagonist of the story. Jenner will play Keila in this new Netflix series, which promises to be a mass phenomenon just like her predecessor.

Michelle puts herself in the shoes of a computer engineer specialized in cybersecurity. The sequel arrives on December 29 on the content platform. The protagonist of Isabel y Castamar’s cook He has also recently appeared in the new music video for Resident.

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