Mexico speculates on the return of Raúl Jiménez to Atlético

Halftime. Presence News. ESPN. In the last hours there are many media in Mexico that speculate on that possibility: Can Raúl Jiménez return to Atlético? The performance of the striker at Wolverhampton this season can only be counted between compliments and exclamations: He has participated in 32 goals in 42 games. 22 made them, 10 gave them. 13 of his goals have been in the Premier League, which leads him to seventh place in the list of top scorers, four of Vardy and Aubameyang, who head with 17, three of Agüero (16), two of Salah and Ings (15) and one of Rashford (14). His 13 are the same as Mané, for example, for Liverpool.

Struck by a lack of historical goal, with only 44 points after having played 26 league games (Simeone's worst brand; the last one had nine more, which were 17 in 2017-18 and 2013-14, the best at this point with Cholo) and without having incorporated into the winter market what Simeone so requested: Cavani and his goals. Injuries in his 'trident', especially that of Diego Costa, forced to go through the operating room for a cervical disc herniation, forced. Morata with 10 goals, Correa with 17, João Félix with five and Saúl with four are his scorers. Diego Costa has two. Raúl Jiménez's goals in England are like stabs.

The words of Miguel Ángel Gil

Why Raúl Jiménez's performance in the two seasons he has been in the Wolves has increased to 48 million euros, according to the specialized page Transfermartk. When he was in Atlético, 2014-15 season, it was 10 million. The forward remained only one year, which was the first of Griezmann and Mandzukic, with the return of Fernando Torres in January. A year in which he barely left: one goal and two assists in 28 games, 0.03 per game, far from 0.52 in the Wolverhampton this season. “It's true that Atlético is going very fast, it makes them hurt on the road and Raúl is surely one of them “, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín recognized a few days ago in the Sport Summit Mexico 2020. Speculation yesterday went further in the country. TMes_news He was already reporting that Atlético has the striker among his wishes for next season.