Messi's 'normality'

Messi returned to LaLiga as he left her at the beginning of March. His new normal was the old. Messi's normality. With two assists and one goal, he showed that he is the great patron of the competition and that, possibly, there has not been a more influential player in the tournament's 90-year history. The ability of Messi to weigh on the matches is impressive even when he does not express himself in them or, at least, he dosages himself. Recovered from his contracture in the quadriceps of the right leg, he put his time to the game and also the finishing touch, with the 0-4.

Messi's goal, 20th in LaLiga, means that, for the twelfth consecutive season, Messi scores 20 or more goals in the competition. No player in history had obviously done it before. It is a shocking fact that speaks of his indisputable government in the tournament, which has only lost a couple of seasons before the Madrid and one before him Athletic in over a decade.

Messi has participated in 15 of the last 18 Barça goals in LaLiga (seven goals and eight assists) this season. He is the top scorer and the best passer in LaLiga and has several records between eyebrows. But, above all, because it rewards team play, win their 11th league and get one of Gento.

That Messi was hungry for football was obvious, somewhat tired in the games against him. Naples and Madrid, but proud against the Real society, Taking the team afloat and leaving it leader before soccer closed due to the pandemic, it was enough to see him a week ago with that almost mystical photo in the Camp Nou, when Setien prepared an eleven against eleven in the azulgrana stadium and he, despite not being full yet, wanted to train and smell the grass of the azulgrana temple. There he began to sprint with a view to Majorca and, apparently, and without being full and dosing evidently in many parts of the game, he had time.

During the week, Messi also participated in an announcement of Adidas. “This made me reflect,” he philosophized about the hiatus that society has lived through for three months. Messi is seen with more desire than ever to savor soccer. And with the usual hunger. He is perfectly aware that Barça depends on itself to regain a title. He is aware of the difficulty of winning eleven games in a row and, above all, of the continued effort that this will require. Nobody, only he, knows how much he is going to dose from here to the end of the championship. But few know his feelings as well as the Argentine. That is why his faithful suffer from this Saturday a little less for him. The Messi normality has returned.