Messi is left without his bodyguard

The goodbye of Arturo Vidal and, above all, of Luis Suárez, means the end of Lionel Messi's bodyguard in the Barça dressing room. The Argentine has built a deep friendship with the Uruguayan for six years in Barcelona. Neighbors in Castelldefels, The two families have become close almost from the beginning and have lived together during these six courses, both in season and on holidays. While the talk in many corners of Barcelona for months in 2014 was that Messi had requested the signing of Kun Agüero, another of his great friends, the one from Rosario connected from the beginning with Suárez, which came from his episode with Chiellini at the World Cup in Brazil. Soon the group was joined by Neymar. 'The Three Amigos'As the English tabloids called them, they were inseparable for three seasons, until the Brazilian left for Paris. It is not strange to see Neymar back to Barcelona to visit them from time to time. At first it was so exaggerated that he was seen in the Ciutat Esportiva with an almost unprecedented frequency, admitting that he had denounced Barça before leaving.

Since his arrival in 2018, and especially in the last year, Arturo Vidal had also become a strong support for Messi, with whom he had had great battles in two Copa América finals. The Chilean, however, entered the group of the Argentine, who was not very goodbye, had a particularly heartfelt with Vidal, as is expected to be that of Luis Suárez when his departure becomes official. Faced with the weak spirit of some members of the dressing room, Messi liked the freshness, vitality and positive spirit of the already Inter player, a winner all his career.

The groups are reorganizing themselves in the Barça dressing room. Numerous voices of the board considered that the power of players like Suárez was excessive and that these vices could only be cut by removing him from the club. Together with Messi, they were the ones who carried the singing voice of the booth. And that began to generate misgivings. In the last year, the cracks had gotten bigger inside the dressing room, divided into groups, and Bartomeu, generally rejected in the dressing room, understood that it was time to air it out.. The reconstruction takes Messi through, who maintains a good relationship with other players such as Jordi Alba, Busquets or Piqué himself, but whose intimate is Suárez. Another character is gaining weight these days. It's Pepe Costa. Although his official position is Team Manager, in reality he has been almost Messi's bodyguard. It is inseparable. So much so that in Lisbon, after 2-8, he was seen getting on a bus where not even the technicians, Setién and his assistants, got on. Pepe Costa is surely the only person in the dressing room who knows what Messi thinks at all times. Also when he was about to leave Barça.

In addition, Piqué has been seen very close to the homegrown players in this preseason, as if he wanted to assume a condition of more captaincy. During years, Piqué was not voted by his teammates in the captain's election. Certain slips penalized him. That behavior has changed in recent times and it seems that the Bonanova center-back has gained respect and, above all, wants to take the season seriously. This is what Koeman has asked of him, who needs accomplices who sew and get the groups formed to row again in the same direction on the pitch. There he also has the figure of Larsson, who knows the house and shared a dressing room with Messi. The behavior of the Argentine in the dressing room during his last year of contract is one of the great unknowns. Because as long as this is Messi's Barça, only if he pushes the car will the rest go up.