“Messi does things himself, Cristiano needs help”

The Champions League hype wanted to be capricious, as on the other hand is usual, and gave away multiple confrontations loaded with morbid, like the ones we will see in Group G. Juventus, Barça, Dinamo Kiev and Ferencvaros will revive the eternal Messi against Cristiano, they will face the Blaugrana team with a Rebrov, now Ferencvaros coach, who was a culé nightmare when he was the star of Dynamo Kiev, as well as the return of Rebrov himself to the place where he is a legend. However, Mircea Lucescu, coach of the Ukrainians, wanted to spice up the menu.

Dinamo Kiev Shield / Flag

Lucescu, like a good veteran (he is the oldest coach in the history of the Champions League), He has experienced battles of all colors and has faced all kinds of rivals. Among them, the stars of Juve and Barça, unlike most of his pupils, and he spoke about them on the eve of his clash with the Turinese this Tuesday (Kiev, 6:55 pm). A few words that we do not know how they will have sat Cristiano Ronaldo. “I have faced them many times, but my players have not. They will meet them soon. I must explain what they are like.”, started.

“Messi is an exceptional type of player in tight spaces because of his acceleration, self-confidence, dribbling and all that. Ronaldo is a different type of player, because he likes to score goals so much that he needs more spaces. He needs the help of everyone, help from their peers “, compare. “Messi can do many things himself. Ronaldo can do it in the area or 20 meters from it, but he tries to take advantage of the space created by others and marks. That's all: they are different, but both are very strong players,” concluded Lucescu.

At the moment, Cristiano's COVID-19 positive will deprive Dinamo players of checking whether their coach's words are accurate or not. They will have to wait for the second leg. The Portuguese, for his part, is surely looking forward to this confrontation to be able to vindicate himself. Lucescu, for yours, now He has left his opinion about the eternal fight between the two stars for the title of the best soccer player on the planet.