Mercedes Milá, blunt in the tribute to María Teresa Campos: “I do not forgive that they took away the set at the end of her life”

Mercedes Dear He has not mincing words. She never had them. During her extensive career on the small screen, the journalist has always chosen to tell 'her truth' about herself to viewers, leaving modesty behind the cameras. This Friday, in the tribute that TVE paid to Maria Teresa Camposwho was the presenter of Big Brother For more than a decade he attacked Telecinco. It must be remembered that, in her last years as a presenter, María Teresa was linked to the Mediaset group with programs such as What a happy time ( 2009-2017) o Las Campos mobile (2021), his latest television project.

“I'm sorry for saying it here, but I don't forgive that they took the set away from him at the end of his life!” Mercedes said on the public channel. On the most magical night of the year, Terelu Campos, in charge of presenting this special tribute, responded to her professional colleague with a knowing smile and added: “Mercedes, she didn't forgive him either. Her phrase was: 'Let the public leave me' “And the public never took it back,” concluded María Teresa's eldest daughter.

Paolo Vasile, former CEO of Mediaset, also participated in the tribute with some words of admiration for the woman from Malaga: “Teresa was especially nice, because she had a lot of character, she had some impressive moments but they ended very quickly in a hug, a smile or a laugh”. Hours before, in Morningsalso went back to the remembered time in which María Teresa left Telecinco (Día a Día) and signed for Antena 3 (Cada día), generating a real stir on television mornings in the 2000s.

“I could not renew her contract due to an economic issue. What her representative asked me was outside of our homogeneity. When you have a company, you have to maintain a balance, a little like at home. She did not understand it,” said the former director of the Fuencarral chain.