Mercedes Milá answers William Levy about if what she did had been done by a man, she would go to jail

Mercedes Dear interviewed William Levy in September. She hugged him, flirted with him and even massaged him. This Saturday, the actor said that if he had been a man the interviewer and a woman the ‘victim’, he would have gone to jail.

The former presenter of Big Brother declared her love for him several times when managed to interview him in a program for Movistar + and in the newspaper The world They asked her if what she did could have been done by a man, the Cuban heartthrob replied: “Of course not! He’s going to jail, he’s going to jail, or not? So, we’re wrong.” It is also true that the actor did not feel “sexually harassed” by the Catalan presenter.

Now Mercedes Milá responds to the protagonist of woman-fragranced coffee: “Dear William, I have read that they asked you about me in an interview and that they tried to put you in gardens where you spoke ill of me. That happens a lot. It happens to me 1,000 times and you have not done it. So what you have said is rigorously true”, writes the sister of Lorenzo Milá.

“If the interview that I did with you had been done by a man with a woman, I would be in jail. Well, not in prison, but of course they would have given birth, for sure. On the other hand, I could afford to give you a neck massage , give you kisses, flirt with you and nothing happened,” says Mercedes Milá, agreeing with the actor.

The Montecristo promotion is behind everything

William Levy explained that he cannot live pending “if someone gets upset if I don’t call her”, when they told him if he answered Mercedes, because she said that they no longer had a relationship because he did not answer her messages. “If he gets upset, it’s his problem,” added the Cuban. Mercedes also responds to that: “It is evident that, when I said that you had not written to me, it was with a mixture of laughter and half-heartedness. You say ‘Well, I can’t take care of that’, well you are absolutely right of the world”.

To finish signing peace, Mercedes Dear has supported the launch of William’s new series, in which he plays Edmund Dantes. The presenter recommends her followers to see this version of Monte Cristo that stars the Cuban and whose promotion, let us not forget, is at the origin of all this.