Mercedes Milá, about Vasile after “removing” María Teresa Campos from television: “It was as if he handed down his death sentence”

Throughout this Tuesday, September 5, the reactions to the death of Maria Teresa Campos at 82 years old they have not stopped happening. One of the most prominent, that of Mercedes Dearwho has shared a farewell post on his social networks that is giving a lot to talk about.

“María Teresa Campos laughed at her shadow. She was correct in her judgments. As far as I know, she never allowed herself to be run over. She learned from the people who agreed to pass through her hands,” the former presenter of Big Brother at the beginning of your Instagram post.

Milá felt and still feels deep admiration for her: “She gave opportunities to many colleagues when they were starting out. People loved her, respected her. Even those who witnessed her historical anger understood her.” The Catalan journalist added: “María Teresa Campos has carried a little bit of all of us in her soul. She took people so much into account that she always worked in their name.”

Mercedes, in turn, regrets that María Teresa no longer had a place on television: “When Paolo Vasile, who valued her so much, told her that she could not continue working on television, that she had to take care of herself and rest, it was as if she dictated his death sentence.”

She and María Teresa had the opportunity to talk about this matter, although not in as much depth as Milá would have liked: “We talked. She told me that she was upset, that she had things to tell me, that she wanted to continue. That’s what she told me but we did not have the opportunity to share those sorrows; because they were sorrows that hurt him; you all know it”.

On this sad day, Mercedes only has words of gratitude and tribute to the great teacher of communication: “Today she has left never to return. We will miss her. Carmen and Terelu, her granddaughter Alejandra, so many who have I’ve been waiting for her until the end. To all of you I send love and consolation and a huge hug”.

The last great program of María Teresa Campos was What a happy time!a space that he presented on Saturday afternoons from 2009 to 2017. Between 2016 and 2018 the reality show of the fields and in 2021 he interviewed Isabel Díaz Ayuso in The Mobile Fields. After the poor audience result of this first and only installment, the program was canceled by Telecinco.

Much to his regret, in recent years he publicly regretted not having a place on television: “I cannot leave without saying something. I am neither more nor less than anyone. I am a person who has worked and who has worked a lot. May your people have liked the work, that there have been people who have been happy”, he confessed to Anne Igartiburu on Telemadrid, in an interview broadcast in March of last year.

“I need to work because this job, even a little bit, fills my life and so I’m not sitting at home. I don’t want to start crying, but that’s hurting me a lot. Because I think it’s not fair that the only one who doesn’t have a place on television is me”, he added.

Paolo Vasile has said goodbye to her

Basilformer CEO of Mediaset, has also spoken about the loss of the legend of Spanish communication: “She had a strong character, like me. That’s why I understood her very well. She was impulsive and reflective. But the soon didn’t last long because she was not a spiteful woman”, she lamented this Tuesday in Abc.