Mendilibar: “Cádiz play very simple but very successful football”

Mendilibar He does not turn to the reality of Eibar in Ipurua, where he has only achieved two draws in four games and still does not know the victory. “I don't think about it, we know that that first win will come. What you have to get is close to 40 points to save yourself, it doesn't matter where ”, clarifies the Zaldibar, who hopes that the squad will not feel that concern.

In the preview of this Friday's game against Cádiz, the gunsmith coach did not skimp on praise for his rival. “Before starting the season you always put the newly promoted with you in the fight to save themselves and now no one is being left behind,” he reveals. In favor of Eibar, and other teams, the fact that “we know we will have difficult moments will play a role. Maybe others don't think about this fight and then they don't know how to be in it ”.

He praises a Cádiz that “is very clear about what to do, they are the best at it.” He has no doubt that “you make them little danger and they don't need much to score. That is a joy ”. The Biscayan goes into more details of his analysis. “They play a very clear 4-4-2 and rarely put the wingers in a line of six. I love that, that they know how to defend with four. Then they have a start with two forwards who play very well from behind ”, he maintains. His exploration can be summed up in a single sentence: “He makes a very simple but very successful football.”

Mendilibar, who insists that “I would like to create more danger, make more chances” and, ultimately, “have more opposing area”, sees the moment of recovering that essence that Eibar already demonstrated in previous seasons. He doesn't think it has to do with playing with two forwards or one. “We have been good at 4-2-3-1 away from home” because the two away victories have come through that drawing. “I do not give importance to the system but I want us to reach the top, the idea is always the same,” ditch.