Melero: “I was 100% convinced that I was going to score”

Point in Mestalla: “I think the point is very positive. After how the game had gotten for us we have tried to hold 0-0 with ten players, but after the 1-0 we have pressed at the end, we had to scratch something and we have succeeded” .

Levante Shield / Flag

Goal: “The play caught me very close and I knew it could be a penalty. I was confident, I have had a good few weeks I think and I wanted to have responsibility, to be able to help the team and I was 100% convinced and I managed to score.”

Feelings on the return: “I have seen the team well. Obviously we knew it was going to be difficult here in Mestalla against a team that opts to enter the Champions League and in a different environment. I think the team has adapted well. We were very psyched from the beginning and we knew that The games were going to be colder than usual, but there is no other choice but to adapt, meet the remainder of the season and add the necessary points to avoid suffering. The new normal. “

Dedication of the goal: “Personally I dedicate it to the people who are always there in difficult times and enjoy the good ones. In football you know that there are twists and turns, moments of joy when you score the goals that are to be enjoyed all together.”

Message to the fans: “The point is also for them. We would have loved to dedicate the three points to them. I think the team has played a good game, we have been stuck to the end and we have been close to the end. I hope you enjoy it, that you are proud of us and that they support us and compete with us from home “.