Melendo: “Ambition and hunger must always be seen”

Óscar Melendo, as with Sergi Darder, are Espanyol's thermometer. Talented players, with great skill with the ball and understanding of the game, who have done well when the team has done better. For that reason the good moment of the canterano is great news for the parakeet team. His hunger is everyone's. “I think that individual and collective ambition and hunger must always be seen. I hope I can continue to contribute my grain of sand,” he said.

With great facility to catch up quickly, Sant Adrià's player scored the first goal of the preseason against Huesca and also of the season against Albacete. He feels comfortable for the moment in Vicente Moreno's scheme. “I always played as a midfielder, but in the end it is an occupation of spaces. I will try to perform where I play. There is room for improvement, we did good things. In preseason we already played good games. You have to follow that idea and transmit it, “he valued.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

Despite starting the championship with an open market and with structural changes in the squad, Melendo sees the whole team “committed” and tries to take away the iron from Espanyol's poster of favorites for promotion. “We have just started. We are neither the most favorite nor the least favorite. The mentality is to win every game. You have to go for the matches”, said the footballer raised entirely in the blue and white entity.

Despite always competing in the First Division, Melendo confessed as a follower of the silver division. Puado explained to us what the category was like, but I also watched a lot of Segunda. It is tough, there are difficult courses and any opponent stands up to you. The other day we had a good game, but if the first one they have they put it in, we would be in trouble. You have to come out with that mentality. “