Melania Trump wants to be first lady again: “My husband has my support”

Melania Trump She has already positioned herself on her husband’s candidacy, Donald Trump, as the Republican candidate to occupy the White House for the second time, and wants to repeat as first lady. Sources close to the couple emphasize that the Slovak woman is closer than ever to her husband, she intends to fully support him during the electoral campaign and is looking forward to him taking over the reins of the country again: “She has my support and we hope to restore hope for the future” , has confirmed in a recent interview.

“They are more united than ever. Donald Trump is really radiant with Melania,” sources close to the former president of the United States have assured. The same sources confirm that the step forward that the former first lady has taken with her support, “has made Trump more confident than ever”, just when Donald’s daughter, Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner they have stepped aside and have disappeared from the political scene of the alleged candidacy.

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Melania has spoken about her desire to become first lady again, but has not wanted to say a single word about the recent sentence this week of Donald Trump to pay five million dollars to the writer and journalist E. Jean Carrollafter a jury found him guilty of defamation and sexual abuse against her.

Those who know the intentions of the real estate magnate explain to the digital Page Six how Trump has already confirmed that Melania will be by his side during the campaign more than she was last time. Indeed, in an interview with Fox News Digitalthe former model confirmed some of her own electoral intentions if she were to occupy the White House again: “My focus would continue to be to create a safe and nurturing space for children to learn, grow and prosper,” she said.

She is so convinced that she has shown her absolute support for the former president’s intention to run again: “My husband achieved tremendous success in his first administration. He has my support and we hope to restore hope for the future and lead the United States with love and strength”, she said, convinced of the supposed benefits of her husband’s policies.

This support is very important for a Trump, whom the American Justice has finally been able to condemn after numerous court cases filed against him, especially related to his treatment of women and the numerous sexual encounters with violent attitudes held in the past.

Melania hasn’t always been comfortable in her role as Trump’s wife. As will be remembered, there have been numerous occasions on which she has been seen distant, upset and cold in public with her husband. However, despite her scandals, she remains by her side and now shows her absolute support in the new presidential race.