Meghan Markle prepares her ‘return’ to public life as a travel influencer: “She is excited”

The life of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is about to take a turn. After a period of media retirement after renouncing his real obligations, Meghan Markle You have decided to go one step further and use your brand as a new source of income.

Her idea is to reopen the blog she had before she met Prince Harry. On that website, called TIGthe duchess wrote about travel, fashion, beauty, and even published a few recipes.

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According to a source close to him, TMZ, Meghan is “very excited” to face this new adventure. In fact, she would have already contacted several brands to do advertising exchanges that complement the content of the blog.

His digital profile will also be open to the public on a new Instagram account. The team of the actress Suits has confirmed to Daily Mail that the account named simply @meghan is Meghan Markle. The avatar, for now, is an image of some pink peonies.

If everything works out and Markle gains more notoriety, the return to the recording sets would also be in his plans for the future. “Although she would love to get a new role on television, what Meghan really wants is to sink her teeth into a dramatic role in a good movie. She believes that it is possible to be on the shortlist for the Oscars in the future,” they explain to the aforementioned half.

The truth is that this last year we have witnessed the desire for marriage to be in the spotlight. both starred Harry y Meghan, the Netflix docureality in which they complained about the treatment of the British royal family. Then came Spare, the autobiographical book by Prince William’s brother in which he confessed the tense relationship he has with his father, the king. Charles IIIsince her mother died Diana of Wales.

A few days ago, in addition, Harry premiered Unvictus Heart, a special that consists of five chapters in which, among other things, he talks about his mental health and how abandoned he felt by his family while trying to overcome the sudden death of his mother. “I was never aware of the trauma of losing my mother at such a young age. She never talked about it and I didn’t really talk about it,” she recalls of that traumatic moment.