Meet Sergio Santos, the boy Zidane takes to Germany and who dreamed of being Ramos

It is the great novelty in the list of summoned of Zinedine Zidane for Tuesday's Champions League match against him Borussia Mönchengladbach. Is called Sergio Santos Fernandez. He was born in 2001 in Leganes and has been in the Real Madrid quarry for eight years, with the dream of emulating his great idol: Sergio Ramo

He shares a name and demarcation with him, right back, the same one in which the now white captain began to dazzle. Such was his passion for the one from Beds, that as a child he wore Ramos's shirt to school every day, forcing his parents to put more washing machines than they should to keep the child happy.

And that boy who is 19 years old today and who has been climbing the steps in all the lower categories of Real Madrid, will travel to Germany this Monday with Zidane, Courtois, Beznemá … or Ramos. Came to the White House on 12/13. To the Alevín. A long-distance right-hander, he is already a U-19 international with Spain and is a fixture in Raúl González's plans for Castilla.

This is how Sergio Santos plays

The Real Madrid website defines him as “a born worker who always thinks about the team”. Powerful, forceful in the cut, that leaves everything in each action and with offensive route whenever it has the opportunity, its characteristics are similar to those of Carvajal, although Sergio has also acted in the center of the rear.

Champion of the last edition of the Youth League, playing a leading role, Sergio Santos will travel with the first white team to Germany. He will fulfill a dream he had since, in 2012, he joined Real Madrid from Leganés after starting at Perez Galdós. It is the first step of the many that he has taken in the quarry. The next, if Zidane wants, will be to play with his idol, Sergio Ramos. The one that gave name to the shirt he wore every day to school.