Mediaset considers keeping Sálvame, although shorter and sharing the afternoon with Ana Rosa Quintana

“And if in the end it was all a lie, a plan to relaunch Save Me?”, asks a director of the audiovisual sector with whom we have spoken. They tell us that in the most important offices of Mediaset and some of its associated producers talk about the format produced by The TV Factory In reality, it will not disappear but will continue in the afternoon, although not as up to now, occupying the time slot that goes from four to eight in the afternoon, but with a shorter duration and sharing the evening schedule with the new space for Ana Rosa Quintana.

If confirmed, we would be facing an unprecedented rectification. Because the chain itself accepted the news in a statement last Monday, May 8 early on Friday the 5th Informalia. “Ana Rosa Quintana will present the evenings on Telecinco starting in September. The programs Save me y Deluxe They will finish their broadcasts in the month of June”, read the note released by Mediaset.

“Everything can fit there”

Own Alessandro Salem, head of the audiovisual giant in Spain, admitted in an interview with The country The end of Save me and he responded like this when asked about his decision to put an end to space. “I have a general television model in my head where Mediaset can bring the family together in front of the television. Everything can fit there.” said the CEO.

The Sicilian who Berlusconi have been placed at the head of their company to relieve Paul Vasily It also confirmed that the afternoon schedule will include a series, defended the importance of “recovering the variety of content” and added that “a cheerful program, which will be Ana Rosa’s, and a contest” would follow.

Salem repeated that “a generalist television has to give voice to all and be as independent as possible”, in addition to denying any political connotation in the decision to wipe out Save me to replace it with Ana Rose, despite the fact that Jorge Javier is linked to left-wing ideological options and the Queen of the mornings has become a scourge of Pedro Sanchez o We can.

But after the announcement of the end of the universe Save me, the program has offered good audience data, eventually surpassing 15% screen share in its Orange edition. The mockery of those who make the program against Ana Rosa and laughing at being labeled as telebasura from their own chain they have worked. Mediaset has already delayed the date initially scheduled for the magazine to go black by a week, originally set for Friday, June 16.

The TV Factory producer of the format, spread days ago on his Twitter account Instagram an enigmatic message in which the title of the program was drawn on the sand of a beach while a hand wrote an ellipsis, as a possible continuity. Many media echoed us and it came to speculate that the magazine or a version was acquired by another chain, or a channel streaming. Some presenters of the company of Adrian Madrid y Oscar Cornejo added comments such as Nuria Marín’s: “The best is always yet to come,” said the presenter of socialite. His partner Maria Patino did the same: “There is always a future” He said.

A spokesperson for La Fábrica de la tele told us this week that the ERE that was discussed when the end of Save me It was not going to happen, at least for now. Initially, as soon as the end of the magazine was known and the Deluxe It was taken for granted that of the 300 people who work at the production company, some 150 would lose their jobs after losing a few 25 hours of live programming per week with the defenestration of Jorge Javier’s space.

The rectification of Mediaset’s initial idea of ​​ending Save me is attributed to the head of content of the chain. Manuel Villanueva, a history of the chain that has survived the departure of Paul Vasily, is aware of the risk that Telecinco assumes of losing audience with the changes that had been communicated.

All experts consulted by Informalia raise serious doubts that the summer format that will replace Save me during the summer season, presented by Sandra Barneda and produced by Cuarzo, have a real chance of improving the audience you get Save me in his strip. But the months that matter, when the billing main course arrives, are the most scary and not even the Ana Rosa Quintana can guarantee better data than those currently obtained by space Jorge Javier Vazquez.

“Share the afternoon with a Save me shorter, another piece for Ana Rosa, a series and a contest is expensive but it would allow the chain to rectify and change the quantity and proportion of the ingredients of its afternoon offer as the audiences behave”, argues an important television director. Manuel Villanueva has convinced Salem that it is convenient to have a plan B to be able to recover Save me or maybe delete it permanently later”, they explain to us.

War against Borja Prado

In the background, the internal war between the CEOs of the chain, Alessandro Salem, and Massimo Musolino, against the president Borja Meadow. Italians abide by strict profitability criteria while the former president of Endesa wants to have “his own life”, with political objectives that go beyond the income statement. In fact, reliable sources confirm to Informalia Borja Prado’s parallel activities have bothered the network, some of them leaked to the press, such as his dinner days ago in Madrid with José María Aznar and former French President Nicolás Sarkozy, recently sentenced to three years in prison for corruption.

The purchase of Prisa, owner of the string be and the diary The country, by Mediaset is not only a strategic move that may interest the audiovisual giant to compete with Atresmedia, which owns zero wave, but it would mean the loss of control of such powerful means by the environment of Miguel Barroso y Jose Miguel Contreras, in the ideological sphere of Pedro Sanchez. But while Borja Prado is committed to that control at any price, to help dismount the Moncloa socialist, Mediaset would only be interested in taking the trophy at a reasonable price. And Prisa’s debt is so high that it would make the purchase unfeasible.

after this Borja Prado’s internal struggle against Salem also hides the ghost of continuity or the march of Save me. While the former president of Endesa is a firm defender of removing the “reds and fags” program presented by Jorge Javier from the grid, whatever the cost, Salem must maintain the prudence advised by the man who really runs the chain. And that he is none other than Manuel Villanueva, the same one who tries to convince his bosses to reconsider the end of the format and keep a short version, sharing the afternoons with Ana Rosa Quintana. Another thing is that the Queen of the mornings is willing to be opening act of Jorge Javier or that the man from Badalona, ​​who has a contract until 2025, is going to put up with having Ana Rosa behind him and acting as an opening act.

However, this situation already occurs daily on Cuatro, the second channel of Mediaset, where they live Everything is a lie, the magazine of Risto Mejideproduced by La Fábrica de tele, and Cuatro Al Día, the format presented below Ana Terradillos.