Mitele has already climbed the Chester of Risto Mejide in which he interviews Aunt Cervera. To promote the program, as we gathered, they used the bait of a question from Laura Escanes’s ex to the Baroness that involved not only Borja Thyssen but to two minors, such as the twin daughters of the widow of Hans Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza.

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We have viewed space and we have not found a trace of that question. We do not know if it is because there has been some type of judicial action or precautionary measure imposed by one of the aforementioned that has forced La Fábrica de la Tele, producer of the format, to edit the interview and censor that moment. We cannot anticipate whether the controversial fragment will be broadcast in the open version, but it would be very significant if it were only taken from subscribers.

It must be remembered that in September 2020, Telecinco suggested that the father of Tita Cervera’s twins could be her brother, Borja. They did it after Carmen posed on the cover of a well-known magazine with her two daughters, Sabina y Carmen, of 14 years. In the image it can be seen that the two teenagers, who were born by surrogacy, bear a great resemblance to their brother, Borja Thyssen, as they pointed out in the missing Live life. The mystery of who is the father of the girls is still latent to this day. The Baroness herself stated the following: “My daughters already know who their father is.”

This Tuesday the open and relaxed interview of Risto Mejide with the Baroness is broadcast. In it, she does open up about the most difficult issues in her life: marriages, infidelities, problems with the Treasury and, of course, the confrontation that kept her away from her son Borja for years. “I am a positive person and I always expect a change from him. I have tried to favor him a thousand times, but there are people at his side who prevent him,” she confessed.

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Tita’s words can be interpreted as a new dart against her daughter-in-law, Blanca Cuesta, with whom he has never had a good relationship. “My son, at 19, got married and changed his life.” It must be remembered that the differences between mother and son kept them apart and with hardly any relationship for almost a decade. They made peace, but not before meeting with their respective legal teams and signing various agreements. In between, complaints for revealing secrets and even paternity tests.