McCarthy and Dak talk about road problems: “Too Big of a Gap”

McCarthy and Dak talk about road problems: “Too Big of a Gap”

It was mostly nice outside, especially given the time and place. Don’t blame the weather. Don’t blame the field; it was turf, and even when it rained a lot in the second half, it didn’t get messy.

The trouble is that the Dallas Cowboys have been attempting to figure out what they can blame for their big loss to the Buffalo Bills.

“It’s a gap, and which is part of my message,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “At home, we play so well. Our road games are too far apart.

When talking about the game’s real-world aspects, they can point to the three personal foul penalties which led to 18 of the Bills’ first 21 points.

This created a 21-3 deficit that let Josh Allen avoid throwing and James Cook take advantage of a run defense that was missing Johnathan Hankins. This is one example of what headed wrong in Orchard Park.

The Cowboys have now lost three times on the road this season, putting them in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-like fight with themselves because they are so good at home but so bad when they’re not at AT&T Stadium.

We’re aware of it, and the long trip home will give us time to talk and think about it. No doubt, we need to be better. We have to fix this one before going to Miami to the morning.

The Dallas Cowboys locked up a playoff spot a little over thirty minutes prior to their game against the Buffalo Bills in the NFL on Sunday. After about three hours, that didn’t matter as much to them anymore.

After losing 31–10 to the Bills, the Cowboys fell to 10–4. To get to Super Bowl LVIII, they might need to win three playoff games on the road, assuming that the Philadelphia Eagles as well as San Francisco 49ers both lose in the last few weeks.

“That didn’t bother me. “To be honest, I don’t care” when asked about making the playoffs, QB Dak Prescott said. This is more important than making the playoffs right now. This is what we’re worried about.

“That was one of the goals when we started this thing at the very start of the year, but by the end of the season, that we knew it was only a matter of time.”

“We can cross that off the list, but we need to get to other things first.” There have been many times when I’ve told you that this is about us giving our best performance every week, and today we just didn’t do that.

Should both the Cowboys and the Eagles finish in the same record, the Eagles would have the better conference record and would be able to host at least one playoff game.

The Cowboys require San Francisco to lose two of its last three games in order to get home field advantage during the playoffs. This is because the Cowboys lost to the 49ers in Week 5.

Before their game at Buffalo on Sunday, the Cowboys made sure they would be in the playoffs. However, their continued problems on the road put them a game behind the top seed in the NFC.

The Cowboys (10-4) were dominated on both sides of the field of scrimmage in the wet game. The Bills ended their five-game victory streak by suffering a 31-10 loss. Dallas had won all seven of their home games and was now 3-4 on the road.

“Unacceptable,” star pass rush Micah Parsons stated of the team’s problems on the road. It’s now a half-game between the Cowboys and Philadelphia within the NFC East. San Francisco is now in first place in the conference.

He said, “There’s no reason for it.” It blows my mind. I don’t get it. We don’t play well and we don’t stick together on the road. We need to have a look at it and get better at it ”

There are a few more chances for the Cowboys to figure things out. Two of their last three games are away from home.

The first is next weekend at Miami, which is in first place in the AFC East. Coach Mike McCarthy said, “There’s too big of a disparity between home and away, no matter what’s in front of us or all the other talks.”